Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Not going to happen :stuck_out_tongue: or save it for the next tier


Fair point :joy: I’ll just wait for next month


I’ve never heard the term sanctioned cheating before - such a fascinating concept.


Well, I see we’re all still waiting for a response that seems to only come in vague replies about some mystery people that seem to have the final say on what happens. It’s a crying shame when definite action can be taken for someone wishing you a happy holiday and yet can not get a direct response to fixing problems that have obviously been going on for quite some time, ie glitches.


Hey folks, just a small update: we’re finalizing the last couple of things and should have something tomorrow or Wednesday. (We’re running up on a bit of a deadline so we want to try and sort things out asap)


I suggest giving in to all GPF demands as that will likely speed this process significantly. :slightly_smiling_face:


:thinking: All future dragons will be green colored.


I initially read that as “All future dragons will be green tiered” and I had to do a double-take :joy:


They must be green AND blue. That way we can both be happy :laughing:


Not my call.


Still,wouldn’t make everyone happy I bet


So tomorrow then🤔 or am I calling it to early


It better be tomorrow, those “daily offers” just reignited my rage towards PG.


Please tell me these new “packs” isn’t PG’s solution to this issue.


Absolutely not. 100% no. That’s a completely different thing and not related to this. I just put the latest draft in front of the GPF, so hopefully we can post something to y’all tomorrow.


Thank you for clarifying that. :+1:


Do we have a vialble enough solution to spend again? Not having Atlas elite is rough when you run into @LizDrakemoor in NML. :joy::joy::rofl::rofl:


:scream: What did I do??


Apparently something that left a mark…


Defended the ever living hell out of an attack. I was momentarily star struck.:rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy: