Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


It’s been a while since my prims ventured into NML so I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what I did :sweat_smile:


Ohhh, :laughing: just a few minutes ago? Yeah, team mate asked for defense back up on his base lol.


Yup. Lol. I’ll quit derailing this thread now.


Glad to hear its not these packs. The value placed on them is ridiculous. Still standing by with my money staying put in my bank account.


I sure hope that it’s way way way better than the packs they’re offering. I don’t have high hopes, but that’s because I’m a realist. Prove me wrong.
Here’s to hoping :tumbler_glass:


I love how vehemently you denied that :joy: at least someone here is still actually playing the game :heart:


@PGJared please bring out that info u push everyday please :stuck_out_tongue:


Where is the lovely info for these so called improvements? Does it even exist?


dont be negative , pg has changed a lot of stuff due to player feedback lately , I am positive


Guys, it’s only 10:20 in the morning. They usually don’t start doing announcements until the afternoon.


Oh well then we have time still.


I’m still going through emails and doing morning meetings. Will hopefully have something after lunch.


Emails were made for virtual bonfires :smiling_imp:


Enough! I have come with King Solomonlike wisdom to resolve this issue. All future dragons must combine the powers of the greatest dragons of blue and green tiers. So, Drude’s evasion and Ettin’s self destruct. Upon launching an attack, your dragon will hurtle with blinding speed toward the enemy towers and then blow up.




He will be named KamiKaze The God Wind The Wind God, and take down a full long island.


I either want to make this “The Wind God” or “The God of Wind” :joy:


“Divine Wind” is the literal translation of kamikaze. Uh, basic primer on late 13th century Japanese military history:

Mongol fleet: hello, we’re here to invade Japan
Shinto gods: nuh uh (send typhoon of divine fury, a.k.a. Kami Kaze, to destroy fleet)
Mongols: Ok, well, surely that can’t happen again
(it happens again)


“Divine wind” makes it sounds like it spellset includes “spectacular flatulence” which everything freeze for several seconds due to gagging.


Freezes but only the towers behind it so a cloak would be essential.
Silent but deadly