Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Y’all if I could just push this out the door and then go jump into a bathtub full of whiskey I absolutely would. Not doing this for the dramatic tension.


Considerinf it is 00:20 am here I am waiting only for the post :cry::rofl:


We appreciate you Jared.
Now we can all bite our nails image


Ok, I just re-enlisted for another year. Please don’t disappoint me.

I’m really hoping the pack team and the cadence team aren’t the same.


But if you were, masterful!


Believe me when I say, if by some miracle the finance people listened to you, and allowed the devs to actually fix the problems you’ve been reporting, we would FUND that bathtub full of whiskey for you to jump in.


Mine is down to under 20 days now.


To be fair, most aspects of the game/teams are pretty solid.

Atlas isn’t perfect but the team that works on it is always on top of things. They listen to feedback and respond EXTREMELY well.

The art/design team is solid as well. Can’t recall the last time there was massive uproar about a dragon design. Heck someone made a forum post about Gunnar having little wings and it’s already been noted and likely going to be fixed sometime this season as a side project.

PX and the forum-crew have Arelyna and Crisis who are always here listening to us and are normally extremely helpful given all the things they have to sift through on a day-to-day basis.

I feel like most of our grievances come from progression/balance/events&seasons. Hopefully some of these problem areas will take Neil Armstrong-sized steps toward fixing the game.


The folks on the forums are Grrrreat!
It’s the folks above them, my guess is in the VP and C class jobs (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc) who hinder things unfortunately.


We are into prevening territory now.


The suspense is killing me.


Post is live to the GPF. Going to give them a couple of hours to express any concerns (this isn’t new stuff, it’s just taking all the stuff we’ve discussed and compiling it, so it’s not like I’m ambushing them or anything) and then I’ll post in a new thread for everyone.


Couple hours! Oh the agony! :disappointed_relieved::joy:


Image result for i'm giving her all she's got captain


Someone say whiskey? :heart_eyes:


With all this buildup and anticipation, this better be epic… just saying.


Does comparatively epic count? I don’t want to build people up too much, but I personally feel this is a big improvement. Is it perfect? No. Is it fixing everything right now? Also no. Is it a fairly drastic course-shift from previous? Yeah, I think so.


Every journey begins with a single step…


Preach it, Tony.


Is the post going to be here?