Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


I’m totally ok with these if…

^ this happens. I’m waiting anxiously :eyes:


Post is live! Feedback thread is here.


That was a lot of words saying very little… you didn’t really promise anything other than a change to monument drops and the addition of longer timers to the forge… do you think that is sufficient? Im kinda speechless… and for me that is saying something.


Oh but that’s a HUGE improvement and fairly drastic course-shift :scream: wtf. Then they turn around and ask for more feedback on how to fix the game. Nothing is really addressed here. Players have offered suggestions for years … they are just stalling (same as alaways) and some players seem to be happy about it :woman_facepalming:t3:. There is NOTHING of substance in the 2019 announcement it’s just more … we are thinking on it and nothing ever gets accomplished.


Yes, if this is “fairly drastic” then any hopes I had for real change are gone. I have my expectations in check now, I guess.


sorry my stupidity for the new thread but what does that solve this thread here ?


It doesn’t. Not really. We asked for concrete changes. Instead we got generalized areas of focus and vague promises. Don’t get me wrong, I love the communication and focus areas, but it needed to be included with some almost immediate and concrete changes as well as some commitments to address the biggest problems in the game. If they make one small change in each of the listed focus areas over the year they will have met their promised obligations. That’s too general.
Why can’t PG put out something concrete? Something that actually says “we promise to address the 300 wall in 2019.” Or, “we promise to better address progression problems in 2019.” Is this really too much to ask? Even that is generalized and leaves you wiggle room, so I guess it doesn’t matter. In the end, without real changes, none of this matters. It’s just a matter of seeing if we can wait it out.


First thought that came to mind was the Dev or PX team was going to start running things, instead of the Finance Dept. That would be proof positive that PG is willing to change.


I doubt they have any intention of significantly addressing those issues Frozen


That’s what the generalized verbiage makes it feel like for sure. It’s disheartening… which means I still have a heart… dang, I better go work on that.:black_heart:


They’re also adding a dialy log in feature with rewards that scale up as you grow. I think that’s a big deal, especially as they’re working to implement more loyalty rewards.

I have some hope, but with PG I understand everything moves really slow.

Edit: I’m confident the rewards will be garbage on day 1 of release, but the GPF apparently is having say in how to modify them. Until the GPF tells me they are being ignored, I’ll have hope for it.


They are giving feed back, they dont really have a say… and they are being ignored for the most part. They certainly didn’t think last nights post was even remotely adequate.




I didn’t see anything about giving away free dragons in that announcement :thinking:


Had I known that you were expecting that, I would have saved you the time of reading the post.

As would any sensible forum regular.


No I’m remaining on topic. As should you.


Please see the forum code of conduct around remaining constructive, thanks.


I am with you there. There have been too many times myself and others were let down but we will see.


Ok fine I’ll remain constructive. All these changes if they happen seem like a great start and could really be enjoyable features of the game however how does all this justify the fact that players who quit we’re given vanguards for free when everyone else who plays this game has to earn their dragons by hard work and grinding? Honestly all this seems good but also seems like a distraction to passify angry players. Once again on topic where is all of our free dragons? What’s good for one should be good for all right?


I’ve addressed that above, multiple times. Player loyalty features are already a planned and discrete part of the 2019 roadmap.