Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Thank you. :grin:


Annddd… everyone’s happy again :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



Ok, but what about players who are loyal? What will you do for us?


We’re working on player loyalty features. I’ve said that like 7 times now.


Sorry, I should have had my I’m trying to be funny face on


Would concrete timelines help?

If not then what would have been sufficient for you? I’m genuinely curious about your expectation.


Or a detailed list of changes. But yes a timeline would be nice too


You might like to remove your email signature :see_no_evil: your info is now public

On a side note, let me know if your business is ever in need of funding :nerd_face:


Times like these make me wish @TheRedDelilah was still a mod… I’m not sure if our other @moderators are on to go and edit out that personal info…


I know what he does now :speak_no_evil:


Thanks, and of course the server is down so I can’t log in to clean it up.

@pgjared, can you help?


It works fine on a browser, like safari or chrome on phone


Give it several hours.


I’ve tried them all, phone, iPad, computer. In-game, via browser, get the error message every time.


Deleted the post. Please let me know if this is incorrect.



I understand the frustration, it was 3am my time so unfortunately I was not around.


Could’ve edited the post? :see_no_evil:


That look ok? Edited and restored.


Thank you!