Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


I haven’t really commented on the whole concept of the announcement until now. I think the sentiment behind it is good and it’s great to see that they are taking us seriously. I think the thing that was a bit shocking to me was the fact that after all this time the announcement was that they have agreed to START talking about ideas to address the 300 wall. WHAT?!? At this point in the discussion I would have expected this to be about “here are some steps we are doing to address the 300 wall”. I mean, we have been talking about ways to address the problem for YEARS. But instead, the big announcement is that they haven’t been listening to our ideas all this time but now they will actually put it on the calendar for some time in the future to actually sit down and look at some of what we have said and then maybe make a plan that will THEN take effect at some time even FURTHER in the future?
Just really disappointed. They are talking about not giving us real change for basically another full year. That’s a LONG TIME in game time. And that’s a long time for people to quit.


And that’s why I stopped commenting on the 4 BS threads they put up. It’s insulting really. They ask for our suggestions, all of which we have suggested many times before, just so they can ignore us yet again. PG lost my love for real this time :broken_heart:


Yeah, because then it turns into, “Oh, we’re just going to spend the next year to talk more… then implement in 2020+” - too late. Waiting game that people are losing patience for.


So I just want to get this right and ask for clarification.

This whole issue with pg giving free stuff to players who quit the game causing the creation of this thread on Nov 8th and yet after over a month all PG has planned to resolve and rectify this is something sometime in 2019?

The direction PG looks to be heading appears as a vast improvement (even though it’s starting to look a lot like last year version 2.0 with zero acknowledgement of players suggestion) and yet the one thing that has absolutely annoyed, got players to quit, caused major discontent is something PG isn’t prioritising to the front of que to make things right and stop people quitting. Are you really expecting us to all to just continue to being patient and let things go?


Yea don’t Be too critical guys. Apparently pg has feelings. :shushing_face:


I was hopeful for the post but it really did not fix much. We need something that will happen. The other forum posts on incentives were already in the forums. We need something that WILL be done even if its small to start.


Did I miss the same discount packs for everyone or did they ignore that 1 ?


This is also at the bottom of the list. Like the veerrrryyyyy last, “but not least”, thing that is being addressed. That is why it is being continually brought up.
I’m guessing the thought with the “announcement” was to immediately address player happiness. After all that is what these 2300+ posts are about right?


It’s a shame we have to wait till 2019 for these improvements


It’s real simple. If they don’t see a dip in revenue, it’s stay the course until this blows over. If they do, it’s make changes.


You know 2019 starts in, like, two weeks, right?


When players have been asking for change for 3 years, yes 2 weeks seems long.


Plus two week is minimum time we will have to wait. 54 weeks being the max, and that’s only if all goes as planned… that’s a huge range and there is no real promise our issues will be adequately addressed.


After an exchange through a ticket, game has been Uninstalled and I told team to replace me. Could have been so simple. Took a lot of $$ to be 348 and almost finished with vanguard in less than a year and a half. Wasn’t planning on slowing down but I’m sure another game will love that revenue. I was begging to spend in that ticket too lol. Insane.


Yea but I’m super excited :laughing:


This time of year is always so confusing. Normally when people talk about “next year” it is so far away… I kind have a problem with forgetting how quickly “next year” comes as we draw closer to Christmas :sweat_smile:


I know, and it’s not like we’re talking about a single thing. There won’t be one release that suddenly fixes everything with the game. It will be an ongoing process of multiple releases and many balance changes to create incremental improvement. There will be some big swings in there, but primarily this is going to be a multi-layered approach.


And, in all honesty, I would be afraid if the goal is “1 change that fixes everything”. If before you had 30 thing to fix, after the 1-fix-all you’ll have 31 :joy:



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