Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Never forget they wronged us :triumph:


I’m like an elephant. I never forget.


Nor will I ever forget until things are fixed


Lol you will never forget then


If you don’t expect anything; you can’t be disappointed :woman_shrugging:


I’m kinda disappointed I don’t expect anything :joy:




You’ve said a lot of things a lot of times over the course of this game…there’s a reason you keep having to answer multiple times…sometimes it’s not everyone else…


I dont think Jared mentioned a compensation , but I am very thrilled to see what happene after the holidays


Thrilled to watch the game implode? Or do you actually expect PG to make meaningful changes?


Why discrete?


Im pretty sure they put the icing on the cake at least 123 times now…Stop already the cake has too much icing


I can’t wait to come down the stairs in the morning and see vanguard dragons under my tree. :grin:


PG can never overcome their greed, for every good they do there’s an alternate motive. Takes time but they will always show their ugly face.


Santa mentioned he will give players what they asked . Have you been a good boy mike :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy:


I think you mean toothpaste…


I think he means separate, not secret :wink:


Yes. Discrete as in “its own thing” and not “hidden”.


Merry Christmas Jared, thanks for spending the time communicating with us here.


Never forget. I’ve spent my way through vanguard and they are giving it away. B. S.