Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Its not 2019 yet though. Keep looking forward to a brighter tomorrow there’s always hope.


Lol ya, you may as well hope to be greeted in heaven by 12 young virgins as well.


Lol! My team in atlas worked hard in its first season, won a high standing, and earned prizes including a special portrait. Many months later, nothing. Not a single prize


So, I’m thinking by now, we may not get anything of what we’re promised anymore


Same difference!


You’re not brushing your teeth with icing are you?


I’ve been waiting 3 years. I haven’t received anything except aggravation and stress.


I might be…Wait I’m honestly curious right now, ima go check


I got that too!!


Since they are making Harb and vanguard obsolete so rapidly, think they will discount those tiers? Oh my bad, dumb question.


@forScience i just noticed that that dragon featured on your original post was Surt :scream: so theyve given Surt to all those who’ve already quit? Nah :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Man, and they’re still giving the a/b packs to selected players. Poor form. And after all this.


Sooooooo …

Here we are



  1. Daily packs that are an insult
  2. Breed without new tier (if we’re very lucky new tier is released after breed is over)
  3. A/B testing still going on trying to get non spenders to spend, while spenders are taken for granted

That’s more than anyone could have expected… player happiness is a top priority :+1:t3:


I know it’s stupid quoting yourself, but yeah I kind of said this is what was going to happen last week. :joy:


They throw out some posts on how they are going to do better and got most of the community to settle down and ride the season out and well into the next. Short term goal accomplished. Amazing how just a bit of hot air smooths things over. In the mean time:

A/B still going on.
Daily packs are a joke.
Harbor Bounty is a joke.
The free vanguards never addressed
Spell scaling blew up and will be a mess despite the GPF’s best efforts.
Atlas season in limbo, glory requirements went up.
Dragon tier delayed after this breeding.

The only thing that comes to mind is South Park’s I Can Change by Saddam Hussein (NSFW!!!)

Sing it with us. I can change, I can change! Come on PG, We can change, we can change! (For the folks who don’t want to click the link, Saddam is dead and so devious that he lies to Satan over and over and gets away with it.)


I’m getting these a/b special packs on my micro account, if I’ve gotten them on main I would prob buy them


My boyfriend did me wrong again :sob:


Don’t you love the smoke screen of spell scaling to try to make the player base forget about all the “promised” fixes that would come from this thread. Typical PG fashion. We are listening, we will change, but first look at the monkey…


The monkey is adorable :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: