Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


What was this thread about again?


Original post: Nov 18, 2018

Current date: Jan 10, 2019

Still. Nothing.


Qué incoming response from Jared saying " You know it’s only January 2019 right? This isn’t a fast process blah blah "


Well atleast the list looks good. I still think pg should issue an apology gift for the original post of this thread.


Yes it’s time to get some notice about those changes what pg said will give to us after new year holidays


lets be real… their internal thoughts are
“it’s none of their business if we give out free stuff to select people”


I agree to this 100%. Why do you think we still get no info regarding this topic? They know it pissed people off and they probably think if they don’t answer the problem magically goes away, but it dosent. What goes away is players and their money. :woman_shrugging:t2:


Guys, why we were upset? Because players that quit had an unbelievable offer to Com back. In the end, the issue is how to treat long term players.
And Jared mentioned player loyalty program being worked on… I think that covers the problem here.
Isn’t it?




Eh. Their little lists don’t really mean anything to me. Especially coming right after nerfing a very popular mythic and not fixing it or acknowledging it. I’ll believe PG is doing something when they actually do something. Until then it’s all BS as far as I’m concerned.


Yeah I’m still pretty upset about my mythic being nerfed. The bounty harbor is a joke. I think we let that A/B testing of leveling rewards die off too fast so we need to keep on them about this free Vanguard tier. I’m tired of constantly being disappointed by PG with a broken game.


it’s never going to be addressed. They’ve quelled most of the masses with the QOL and Bug Bashing threads


Well it’s not like they will do more than say sorry.

Does anyone really think they will give vanguards out to everyone just because it almost happened once? (Supposedly was rescinded before and nobody got vanguard tier for free)

Did you think they would stop player retention programs? These are standard in the industry. The only bad part is that they were found out about.

Basically they might limit the rewards some more, they might provide a loyalty program, and they have said they were sorry.

Personally I don’t see this thread as productive. And If anything it’s been superseded by then improvement threads. (Which will likely fall short of your expectations)

If you are so close to quitting I don’t think you should be hanging on bases on some envisioned handout from this thread. And honestly I doubt people will be happy no matter what they do.




Personally I think talk is cheap, and actions like the roadmap and various improvements mean more (even if they fall short) than any apology.

But tons of Crisis’s responses in various threads say exactly that on related threads. They say sorry. Maybe not as targeted as you want. Maybe you want someone to go and do the “I’m sorry for x” wall of shame, but at best you get a representative and not anyone responsible for the choices.


Let me be clearer for you guys. I do not want their soon to be outdated vanguards but what i do want is for them to take responsibility for their actions and admit they were wrong. Even if there is no apology gift or even a one minute timer under the format of hey guys we really screwed the pooch on this one we’re sorry would work for me. Till then I will remain mad especially since they didnt just do it once, they did it multiple times and finished people’s tiers for them.


Lx460 is right. Show me where they acknowledged what they did and apologized and I’ll recant what I said. However I’m an avid forums reader and it seems more like they are trying to sweep this under the rug instead of acknowledging it.


Seems to be what PG is best at. They do stuff low key ,shady as fuck, and try not to let the player base know. When it’s exposed, they refuse to even acknowledge it let alone give a legitimate excuse as to why it happened in hopes that it will just magically go away once people get tired of complaining about it. News flash, exposed info dosent go away, people and their money do.


Y’all are off to a bad start with this while “trust us, we’re listening to you and fixing it” number for 2019. Still no loyalty program, worthless log in rewards, 12k ruby runic chests with enervating and ballista resists, poorly tested spell scaling, pathox nerf, surt…and that’s without starting on all the things that haven’t been done. Tell us again how you’re going to earn back our trust and loyalty?