Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


I really hope PG takes a good hard look at this.


how much more abuse does you the players need before you realize PG don’t give a flying fuck. Uninstall and move on.


This is almost as bad as the Activision/Blizzard announcement of Diablo for mobile devices


My PS4 has also been getting a lot more love recently. The difference in game design philosophy between consoles and iOS (or Android) app devs is striking.


Are you sure that is the name of the new game and not Wild Abuse?


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Don’t believe everything you read guys.


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I was told by my very helpful Apple senior tech support manager that I would be better off if I stopped playing the game. It was a very long talk and we covered a lot of ground. He told me several things about this type of game which might explain his advice. I think the forum survey about why ppl play was enlightening. Most people have bonded with teammates or play with family/friends, but a lot of ppl mentioned the time and money invested in the game. It feels like a trap. Like a skinner box.


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THey clearly care very much about people leaving. Why would 4000 people who left and were between green and emerald matter so much? Think about it.


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Because game is about to end :man_shrugging:t2:


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Anyone here want to give them credits and thanks again? :joy:


My last reply to this thread…
I’m a moderate spender… little more so in recent months…

I will not… and I repeat Will Not be spending another red sent until I see the discount packs offered to everyone not just a select few…

I will not purchase a single other elite or pack until all ALLthe bugs are fixed…

I will cont to play for my team but it will he F2p from here on out… or until everyone else stops playing…

Your mistake here is that you believe you have the power with your virtual currency… but believe me you do not… listen to your players and fix the game…give loyal players the compensation and the game that they have been paying for all this time… or get ready for a shut down because no revenue equals… no business…

Simply stated…

The end.

Have a great day! :v:


I am curious however . How @TheRedDelilah feels about Jared’s comment regarding ‘portraits’ as prizes… I know she likes to keep those unique for people that earn them… we just had this discussion a few days ago…


Thanks for convincing me it’s okay to spend money elsewhere.
Otherwise I was so torn apart between buying a DLC or extend Atlas elite.
Not gonna buy a package from now on, unless I see massive improvement in gameplay and bug fix.


The thing is, if we really wanted to do the right thing we would all uninstall the game for a certain period of time. That would have to be organised, and reach top spenders who would have to care. To me seems difficult, close to impossible, for players who got unfortunately hooked with WD.

The other solution is just drop activity: do enough not to be kicked from the team, don’t rush your progression and try to still have some fun. In the long run you’ll either lose interest and keep contact in Line with your mates, or you will regain interest in game if the miracle that everyone here wish happens.

It’s good to reach these numbers of comments, but in the end actions will speak higher. I’m doing mine :vulcan_salute:

Edit: and asking for an apology for loyal players isnt important. Just fix the damn game


Does anyone want to compare the new game to War Dragons? Here’s the apple link.

Battle in the Wild Beyond: The makers of War Dragons unleash a thrilling PvP strategy game.

Just reading it makes me want to vomit… :nauseated_face:


We won’t hear anything on Monday either as it’s Veterans Day in the US. So off topic but Happy Veterans Day to all who serve or have served in the Armed Forces. Also applies to those who have served around the world in their countries military. It takes a great commitment and all should be honored for there sacrifice.

Thank you.