Vanguard player gets the tier for free?


Perhaps if you gave a reasonable response in a decent amount of time, this thread wouldn’t need bumping? Just my two cents


2,000!!! :heart_eyes:


And we still haven’t received any closure. Isn’t it a damn shame?


PG isn’t going to reply as they dont think they did anything wrong, except for maybe getting caught. I’m sure they see more risk in responding to this than ignoring it, along with A/B testing value packs, bounty harbor, and double troop nerfs for Atlas.


New distraction starts Wednesday :see_no_evil:


Can i like this comment 6 more times? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: best I’ve seen all day.


I love this so much right now. On topic though I think they sell these for 4.99 usd
But yea I think we need an answer. I wonder what they do that takes a month to comeback with a legitimate answer to peoples inquiries. Doesn’t it involve twinkies And Doritos and a higher form of thinking?
Or is the workplace kind of like the office? Is Steve carrell there?



Is this recent? Dinosaurs! where is raptor :eyes:

edit: from 2014


This is from 18d ago & hellraptor quit, along with a number of others.


Wow, great use of time :roll_eyes:


Yea I think if more time was spent fixing the game instead of having movie night at work and stuffing scary doll babies in work refrigerators or playing with nerf toys then this game might actually be able to get fixed. Hmm :thinking: what pg does with it’s customers money. And they wonder why we’re mad :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It all makes perfect sense… expressed in dollars and cents…

Shame really


Thread bumping - doing it as well to solidarize with LX.

For me it is a reasonable and currently obviously only way to indicate that getting an answer on this topic is crucial to the player base! And I am not talking about calling someone out for doing so but a solid bullet proof answer to all the concerns raised in this thread.

Thou I doubt to get more than just a call out for thread bumping. :rofl:


I’m sorry, did they call PG a “start up” company? Since when is 5+ years a start up?

Edit: wait, this came out in 2014? Not cool forScience, that was really misleading. But I got to say, there are a few comments from 2 and 4 years ago that seem to hate PG, so I guess nothing really changed…


Well, they’re still acting like a newly started company :woman_shrugging:


PG is more concerned about “thread bumping” than about their game bleeding out :joy: :woman_facepalming: :cry:


That skeleton represents the play base in that video clip… that’s us protesting till we have died with no response…

This video makes me sick lol… hope they have grown a little since then


Of course they need a bunch of nerf guns :yum:


Not for the people paying attention…or leaving. But yeah, shame how when something is announced all the issues die in the mind of the players