Vanishing GP from dragon rider

Has anybody else experienced a sync error that took away the accumulated GP from the event on their dragon riders? It was only the dragon rider and not the primarch. I put a ticket in about 24 hours ago but haven’t heard a peep from support. @PGJared @PGDave

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Details in king poacher feedback thread.

It’s solved, they should credit missing GP in roughly 24 hours. Should not be happening anymore.

FFS why wouldn’t they send a mass message out. I don’t look at every single thing posted in the forum and have been wasting time looking for it.

Sorry for the lack of a mass message. You’re right that we should’ve sent one out. @PGEggToken can probably help out with this. Sorry Bear.

Support currently isn’t up to date on it, even when I’m linking them to your posts confirming the issue/fix :woman_facepalming:

Egg Token is trying to corral them, but sometimes it’s a bit more difficult than you might guess :x. Crediting the missing rider glory is in progress, hoping to get it out today still.

I don’t think many of us question the difficulty of getting support to give out correct responses…

All riders which were denied glory in the first 2h33m of the event have been credited their missing glory!


Thank you for getting this fixed.

This has not been completely fixed. I just had the same thing happen to me

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