Variable rage regen in Hauheset?

I’ve been flying Hau for a while on my two main accounts, and noticed something that I’m curious if anyone else has noticed:

Rage regeneration seems to vary greatly.

Background: This is not something I’ve noted comparing one account/one Hau to the other, rather, on either account some runs with hau rage regenerates fast enough to cast abilities in a certain specific order which leads to success on the base, where on other runs where I am using the same flight pattern I reach a point pretty rapidly where the juice just isn’t there to cast the next ability when I need to.

Yes, I know Hau more than any other dragon I’ve flown so far requires split-second timing, and is subject to variances in network latency, my attention/reaction time, etc etc. But what I"m talking about is against Andyk123 which I’ve flown hundreds of times, and have a good pattern down in which I can reach the end of the base @~50%, using the exact same sequence of spells, with effectively the same timing (within the limits of my reaction time).

The truly weird part - and that which prompted me to post today - was that I’ve noticed when I have run after run where the regen seems slow, I restart the app, and -poof- the regen is more rapid again, back where it was before.

Any thoughts?

Or just ‘yup, welcome to flying Hau’. lol

Different runes, different research.

Glyphs and Runes can increase the rage generation of your dragon. Check if one has more than the other! :+1:t2:

Or if you’re following, different starting rage

Vid proof? A lot of times, the amount of rage generated is affected by when you exit shift and let a sanded tower slow you down: the earlier, the better. If you are truly doing the same thing on two different runs and getting different results, then yes, it is cause for concern, but if you change anything by a little, it can affect things.


If you use aibrean on the first island, you can get 65% with hau :grin:

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This is a good point. I have noticed that you can take out the perches on the small island along with the towers using crumble if you aim right, but then don’t have enough time to regain shift coming around the turn.

Not following another dragon, solo Hau-only xp runs. Runes and research are the same, I’m comparing the dragon to itself on the same device, same account. It just happens on both devices sometimes.

The remarkable part to me was the regen seeming faster after the app is closed and re-started, but that may be co-incidence to very slight variations in my pattern, and a sanded tower slowing me down enough for the regen to be notably different.

I’ll test it some more.

Thanks :+1:

I have noticed this as well when flying Hau… Same base, same timing every time. Rage usually regenerates fast enough to shift twice and get at least to 23%. Occasionally though, rage regens slower and you can’t get the second shift off in time.

I recall reading about this here a few months back. Someone mentioned rage as a secondary on runes and glyphs might be to blame.


Timeshift :o: duration.
If you press rewind on almost completion of timeshift duration (perfect timeshift), dragon timeshift spell cooldown fast and dragon flies rather slowly which eventually helps in rage generation. Just my observation.

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