Various basical Suggestions


  1. When the incubator is not under construction, name the eggs arranged in the incubator, or the name of the incubating egg dragon.
    -Secure user convenience through interface improvement. Prevention of user’s stress and waste of resources due to negligence
  2. Introduced a 3rd person perspective algorithm.
    -Due to frequent errors due to the perception of the perch, there is no way to check the bug for yourself unless the riders and dragons on the perch are confirmed in third person.
  3. In the team meeting hall, click on the list of clan members to consolidate the pupil function to see the third person view immediately
    -Currently, it is not possible to check the base of team members in the list of clan members in the team meeting hall, and cumbersomely, click the exclamation mark when clicking a team member and click the small exclamation mark in the upper right corner again in the new profile window. I have no choice but to check.
  4. It is suggested that warning warnings appearing when the equipment is salvaged are marked with warning warnings as if they are destroyed, and that locks or doubles are issued so that critical equipment cannot be destroyed or salvaged

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