Venda de rubis pode?

Gostaria de saber porque estão banindo todos e não baniram a conta que está vendendo o hack, este cara diz ser amigo de Marcelo da PG e oferece o haker de rubis pelo preço do pack mais caro que rs 99,90 dólares…
será que tem parceria mesmo com o Marcelo para estar a tanto tempo vendendo e sem
Ser banido??

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This is what I got from google translate-
I would like to know why they are banning everyone and have not banned the account that is selling the hack, this guy says to be a friend of Marcelo of PG and offers the haker of rubies for the price of the pack more expensive than rs 99.90 dollars …
does it even have partnership with Marcelo to be for so long selling and without
Be banned ??


Eu, por acaso tinha 2 contas e por sorte eu fiz isso apenas em uma conta, esse indivíduo me ofereceu e disse ser quente pois tinha alguém da PG por trás disso, agora eu estou aqui justamente pra dizer que estou indignado com isso.
Cuidado galera, esse cara oferece os pacotes e diz que não toma ban. Mas na verdade todos que fizeram tomaram.

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Boa noite/ bom dia
Então eu denuncie ele p a pg, porque quando peguei ele falou que trabalhava com o Marcelo da pg, e escolhiam alguns como um bônus pois estAva jogando bem, o valor é de um Pack o mais caro, e agora vem. Esse banimento? Estão de brincadeira?!

Acho qir antes de mais nada terão de verificar dentro da própria empresa…

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Acho que mais uma vez não vai dar em nada…

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Abre ticket dentro do jogo , aki no fórum não adianta nada !
E de preferência escreve em inglês para próximas reclamações , é mais eficaz …

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It says: I’d like to know why they are banning everyone but not the guy who is selling the hack (illegal ruby packs). This guy is saying that he’s friends with Marcelo from PG but offers the (illegal) pack of
Rubies at the same price as the most expensive (in game) pack of 99.99 dollars. Is it possible then that he’s truly partners (that’s a slang term meaning like ‘homeboy’) with Marcelo to have been able to sell this pack for so long without having been banned himself?

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Se o que vocês estão dizendo e verdade, tenham fé.

@PGJared @PGCrisis have you guys seen this? One of the comments is saying that this person bought a back from the subject of the original post under the pretense of “it being like a bonus from PG for active players.” It does seem curious how one would go from level 46 when they were on my team just a few months ago? To suddenly be 115.

PG is failing big time. I’ve got I think 6 in one team I keep them updated with and they keep telling me to keep updating them yet there they are still. I’m done babysitting and I’m not getting paid for it so I guess they’ll have to actually look into it or just let hackers roam free til the “right” person reports them. But since they’re hiding in a platinum team I guess it’s low priority and I’m sure their accounts will vanish or be sold before anything happens. If you think lvl 46-115 in a few months is crazy you should see what I’m seeing these people do every day, or hell by the hour.


I had member at level 38…logged in a few hours later- he was level 90. Hahahahah I’ve seen it all.

I think it’s particularly offensive if it’s true that this dude is selling this pack under the supposed guise of it being PG approved.

“Hey, I know the game sells their standard packs in the store, but they personally approved me to shadily sell these super packs and told me I had their blessing in my endeavors”

Yeah, ok.

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Hahahaha true. Buuuuut if we take into consideration the source…brazil operates like this in most sectors.

I hadn’t seen this, but I’m having someone on the team investigate these accounts in the morning. There is a Marcelo on the support team, but they can’t just grant packs like what is being described here. We monitor all that stuff.

It has nothing to do with who reported them and everything to do with it being a manual process as well as Arelyna is on her weekend right now. Please relax a bit.

A lot of folks claim their cheats come from PG. It’s an easy way to dupe folks or stir up controversy.

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Thanks for the answer/heads up Jared.

We appreciate you/someone looking into this stuff.

Thanks for the honesty!

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I honestly can’t read every single thread, especially during GDC week. Our team collectively reads nearly all the threads, but having one person do it would be a quick trip to a large therapy bill.


good evening! I did not accuse the marcelo in any moment, I am not here to complain or to judge any member of PG. I denounced a player who is selling rubies and using the name of this marcelo as I see it inappropriately. I hope the player who continues to sell the rubies is actually punished like all those who bought and punished them.

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Either therapy or a severe drug and/or alcohol problem. Probably just as expensive!

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So you’ve been keeping track of the name changes and all that I hope?