Vent: Atlas Alliances Leaking Into Events

Alliances! They are essential for success in Atlas. Sometimes they help make the game more fun; sometimes they cause headaches. Frequently, they are the bane of leadership’s existence. Personally, I find all of the eggshell walking in Atlas to be the single greatest player induced drain on the enjoyment of the game.

So why, for the love of our mother’s, are we letting that same troublesome social structure infest our PvP events!?

Look people: I understand having a couple teams band together, especially in Fight Pits. What I do not understand is how I am currently sitting in a league where 8 disparate allies formed a No-Hit. Had any one of those 8 teams denied the pact, they would undoubtedly branded themselves as a target for their treason(!)

Predictably, the event starts, there is stray “friendly fire” here and there; some hits garner apologies, some do not. Some teams complain, some do not. Later on, we arrive at the Training Ground. Upon arrival, we discover that there is exactly ONE unallied team. So, what is the decision of our pseudo-UN? Pummel the one team of unwashed savages into the dirt, dig a hole next to them, throw them into it, light them on fire, then bury them of course! (Said team was, in fact, driven to 0 VP and continued to be hit.).

For some utterly baffling reason, a member of an allied team takes it upon themselves to Mega another allied team. That team seeks vengeance. The pattern is repeated by other team. Harsh words are exchanged. Officers begin demanding that other team’s officers kick their players. Factions arise; alliance lays in tatters.

Now we are all mad. Players who had already closed the door on Winterjól season in an effort to hoard for spring have decided to tap their stash just to seek revenge. This is no fun, no fun at all. And this time…we can’t blame PG; we did this to ourselves. :man_facepalming:


Everything you just stated sounds like things that happen in war. This is a war game.


That was a fun read :ok_hand:t4:


Yup. So I don’t understand why people are so shocked and offended when it happens? :rofl:


Yes, exactly this is what happened. I felt sorry for them, but even my orders were to keep hitting those poor souls. All the other teams were respected “allies”.

See the bright side: The No Hit Pact is not applied in the Coliseum. :imp:


That was interesting. Glad it’s you and not me though. :rofl:

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On the bright side it doesn’t sound boring :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I actually enjoy alliences in events :woman_shrugging:t2: It works good if all teams can control their players. Only benfits your team if everyone cooperates and coordinate properly . All teams move up, until u hit the top where there has to be a winner and some losers :woman_shrugging:t2:


In retrospect, it would have been more fun to break the group of 8 into two teams of 4. Less chance of running out of enemies. Better chance of friendly competition rather than tense alliance which crumbles into anger.


There’s a tipping point though; I think 8 teams is too many. And there’s no real excuse for the level of venom some people spit over a game.


I mean… really it’s up to the teams that are involved. If they feel they can coordinate 8 teams then why not :thinking: really they are only benifiting and/or hurting their team. I think it’s up to all teams involved to figure out what they can or can’t handle.

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Oh yeah, I’m not disagreeing with you that it’s possible, can be of benefit, and should be an option. But if the game outside of Atlas becomes as over-policed by alliances as Atlas itself…I think I’ll throw in the towel on the whole game. I didn’t start playing W.D. to take orders on how to play the game from people I have never even spoken to.


But perhaps your officers or leaders took that agreement (if there even is one at all)?
Maybe find a new team?
Or perhaps this is an alt and your main is an officer, then you should maybe look into why your voice isn’t heard.

8 allies sure does sound ridiculous and not fun for anyone…

As you stated, you do it yourself XD.


I have mixed feelings about allies during events. I do see it benefiting during some pvp events, It is annoying having to keep referring to a list of long allies and enemies to attack, and gets worse as you get towards the top. Less points cause you can’t hit some. Bad feelings because a team mate hit someone they shouldn’t.

I play for fun really don’t want to keep referring to a list, but since I am a grunt I follow orders lol… I don’t think it always benefits to have a no hit list, but I haven’t found a good enough argument to throw out yet on why we shouldn’t have one.


Good read and that for sure sounds insane! We usually cap out at 3-4 no-hits for PvP events, honestly. Our allies in that league and then maybe a couple others that we enjoy working with. I cannot imagine 8…


I’m not an officer (by choice) and this is my only account. My team’s leadership entered the agreement reluctantly because they saw this coming, but did not want to lose the favor of Atlas allies, get ganged up on by 7 other teams, or any other BS. There was friendly fire by multiple, if not all, teams long before we even got to the Training Ground. Few if any of the teams in the coalition could claim blamelessness; and yet you’ve got people waving pitchforks a cursing at each other. I just think it’s needless and stupid :man_shrugging:


Yeah…3-4 sounds wise.


Honestly for me, i enjoy friendly competition. If you’ve got people waving pitch forks over a PVP then they have some serious issues. As stated prior, this is a war game and people need to relax a bit more.

You are the only one that decides which team you reside on, no one forces you to do anything.
You may not agree 100% of the time with your leadership’s decisions and if you disagree more than you agree then maybe finding a new home would be the best bet for you.


On the upside, it has now been conclusively determined that after you pound a team down to ZERO, you still gain personal event points for continuing to stomp on its rotting carcass.


We figured that out long ago when LD was in D2.

3 teams started with 250k VP each.
LD ended up above 900k VP and zero’d both other teams.