Vent simply playing

We do understand the difficulties of creating a new interesting events for the players to keep them motivated & interested in the game . But doing so lays on you big responsibility because it can backfire & make beginners players leave because of its complexities . I personally see that most of your events are not delivering or not reaching their goals ( participation & spending money ) .
U need to give players more motivations easy plans , & please stop experimenting on us & be little bit more generous it’s ridiculous these quest rewards no one will do them . Even if u will not like it : we think it’s time for u to change ur strategy coz u r loosing points instead of gaining.

It’s the first time quests are in game. PG will make quests better according to the already given community feedback in another thread. The quests imo are a good change but just need a few tweaks

PG made ppl who usually don’t spend spending on the Valentines red envelope. Ppl were happy to spend, not like spending reluctantly cursing PG’s greediness. I hope they learned from this, but. The only suggestion I can make is please make us feel happy, it can be just one generous event per season.

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