Venting Frustration - Festive Dragons

I just hit Artisan tier and was going to max Nebulon for Crystal Caves… but he’s stuck at expert Arcanum. I wrote a ticket to complain when I came across PD’s change in Festive Announcement.

Looks like PG should have listened to the whole player base when these were initially released. It wasn’t too difficult to look down the road and see the upcoming issues. I wish they would have used the suggested solution of universal shard and allow these dragons to evolve as soon as new tier is released… but that would take some actual work.

Venting over.

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Venture venting. Probably worth a good vent every now and then - the festive concept was cool, but they really bollixed it up.

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PD…? :thinking:

G’s another key away from D, so assuming that isn’t a typo…

What can that stand for?

Pocket Destroyer?

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Sucks. Really sucks.