Verdant breeding path options

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I’ve seen that a lot of people aren’t aware of the back-breed options allowed by the new Verdant legendary dragons. You can still follow the same pattern as before, breed 3 legendaries and be ready for the next mythic of the same class as your last one (note: the mythic class is speculation, not confirmed).

However, with the backbreeds, you can quite cheaply expand your breeding to getting 5/6 legendaries, which can be useful to have more flexibility in case the mythics work differently than expected, or when you want to switch your path to another class.

These are the paths I’ve come up with for myself, sharing them here in case anyone else wants to do something similar:


Thanks for putting it public :hugs:


Thanks for making that a usable resource! I know many don’t use paths because they don’t know the value in it. I’m lucky I have @MiniMegs and @FIame to help with mine - LIFE savers!! Megs saved me 270k tokens :heart::joy:


thank you :blush::blush::blush:

As always, big thanks Morreion for all the info.

Two questions, any projections on when Verd Myths should be released? If using Elds timeline, I’m thinking 12 weeks after Legendaries were released, so week 11.

Also, what is the timeline for 110 towers in relation to when Mythics are in-game? Thanks again.

Week 11 seems like a fair guess for mythics. The 110s are for legendaries, so I’d expect them next fort.

Ah. Gotya. Elds was back to back fort increases. Abys was separated by one fort event. So 115s will be to tied to Mythics? So maybe six weeks after release to see 111-112s?

Thanks for this, very helpful.

Screenshot please? Because that would mean the breeding pairs have been changed in the last days.

Krasta and Cephoth breed Makota :slight_smile:

Yeah. My bad. Wasn’t showing up as breedable. But looks like my breeding den wasn’t finished upgrading.

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Did a small fix, had the wrong eldritch parent for carrion in one of the paths. Thanks to Megs for pointing it out.

Hi Morreion

starting eldritch mythic: Brutus

The parents for Cephoth and Krasta are mixed up.


Whoops, that was sloppy, thanks Lance.

Why didn’t I check that before breeding? Thanks a lot

However, correct me if I’m wrong but I can’t get Carrion if only had Balor? and he should be the parent of the mythic hunter? So that means I can’t switch from sorcerer path to hunter path?

Hmm that might be true. That is, you can certainly get Carrion, but only at full price.

I’m not sure it’s a given that Carrion+Cephoth will lead to the next hunter, might be Montague+Cephoth, but I admit the first seems more likely. We’ll know more when the mythics come out I suppose.

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