Verdant Legendaries Official Discussion Thread

Which dragon are you most excited about?

  • Krasta
  • Carrion
  • Rozaeus
  • Montague
  • Makota
  • Cephoth

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How are you feeling about the new Verdant Legendaries in general?

  • Verdaaayum, these heckin’ natureboiz are looking awesome! (Positive)
  • Verduhhh… these greenbeans aren’t appetizing, really. (Neutral)
  • Verdon’t. (Negative)

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The costs are too high relative to egg token and mythic fragment earning power. (This is true of abyssal and eldritch too.) The theme would be really cool but is a huge stretch on half or more of the dragons.

A couple of the dragons look interesting, but it’s still hard to imagine ever getting them, because this game has no clue how to have an endgame.


  1. You are charging harbinger eggs for Adaptive Resist research. Only one dragon past Harbinger currently has this skill, Zilch. The cost in harbinger eggs and the other prerequisites mean only spenders or people well past harbinger, probably at endgame waiting for new content or lacking timers to level up, are capable or well advised to get this research.
  2. This causes this research to be useless for anybody who can get it. It’s just an useless thing to spend tokens on and possibly a hurdle to other research items in future.
  3. Give better research, for a more prevalent skill or other more widely useful feature, or don’t offer this.

Please post verdant combos for legendary verdants and mythic Eldritch.


@PGGalileo i now get non stop sync errors since dragons are in the game.


Tier based discount table has simple maths fail, proof readers must be charging too much during lockdown @PGGalileo

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I love the theme! Springveil was my first season and this really takes me back.

Tough choice for me to vote on my favorite. Makota and Cephoth both look like a lot of fun, and then there’s Rozaeus that I kinda want too. Unfortunately I’m still stuck in Abyssal tier. :triumph:


Well this thread is starting out chipper.




Following the community guidelines I am only criticizing ideas and not people.

I would be just happy if i dont get sync errors now every 30 sefonds lol.

Did you try a force quit and reload? Did you open a ticket? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guess its just time to quit with one bugged release after next.

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My mini keeps getting sync error

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@PGGalileo this happen now after that release every 30 seconds.


I like the theme, and I like the looks of the dragons. Definitely looking forward to seeing them in game and getting a gander at how their spells interact. If I had to pick by visuals I’d pick Carrion as my favorite… love the get down to business look.


Same here

We are investigating sync error issues associated with the most recent update. Will get back to you all as soon as I have more info.


No sync issues with ipad6 so far


Several of my Team are logged out game now since they restarted :roll_eyes:

:joy: - indeed. Alright, that has been updated. Thank you!

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