Version 3.80 Release Notes

Hey Folks,

Update 3.80 is almost here! This update primarily contains Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes and general improvements. Below are the update notes.

Bug Fixes

*Fixed an issue where a bad game update could cause consumables or dragons to go missing
*Fixed issue with downloading particle effects that causes data usage increase
*Fixed issue where riders were not showing up on some dragons in battle
*Changed the size and shape of the swap button to decrease the number of accidental taps
*Diamond leagues should now be searchable in Team Meeting Hall
*Fixed an issue where players were unable to see their replays
*Patched an exploit where players would be able to start and finish a war before Wars actually started

Quality of Life Improvements

*Battle Map Performance Improvements
*General improvements to performance and crash rates

Atlas Changes

*Added a single pinch zoom to Atlas
*Improved double-tap-to-zoom
*Fix for Primarch indicators sometimes pointing to the wrong Primarchs
*Improved tutorial
*Create a toggle to turn on and off team ownership overlays
*Camera Memory - Atlas camera will now be exactly where you left it – even if you hard quit the game. You will lose your position only if you change devices or reinstall the game.
*Added coordinates to reference locations on the map
*Added double tap to zoom on Android
*Fixed an issues with crashes on 32-bit devices
*Fixed an issue where going to attack in Atlas would crash the game
*Coordinates have now been added to Atlas


Hoping it works this time so people quit crying about it :joy:
Also hoping we don’t see an increase in airplane mode :see_no_evil:

This is the bug where files wouldn’t finish downloading right?

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Oh I am betting $20 it breaks war again.


I like how its called an exploit, lol

You had me at Swap Button :joy:

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Don’t see anything about improving the space used on Iphone X devices.

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When does it release?

going to wait for someone to complain that they accidentally tap the swap button.

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It’s an exploit? Yet PG Jared said in a video I seen that it’s a cool strategy. Wtf? So will ppl be banned now for trying to fly for prewar? Prewar is common practice in diamond & sapphire leagues you guys are ridiculous! Fixing stuff that didn’t need to be fixed to begin with. Next thing you’ll see is ppl complaining that 20 regular war attacks at one time is too much & are you guys gonna cater to them then? It’s part of the game :roll_eyes: why fix something that’s not broken?

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Because more people have complained about it than have been in support of it.
Because it doesn’t match other mechanics that require actions to be taken after a start and before an end.


I like your chances on that bet @TheRedDelilah :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t worry too much @SexMetalBarbie. Also it doesn’t really matter either way, if your team is strong and organised enough you will win (or lose) a war with or without a prewar wave.

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So are you going to start banning people for using it, when your patch doesn’t work again?

The fix isn’t for pre-war waves. People are assuming it is. The release notes say:

“*Patched an exploit where players would be able to start and finish a war before Wars actually started”

This fixes ending a war before it’s actually started. That’s different from your basic pre-war wave.

BTW: @PGJared What’s the ETA on this version being available on the App Store?

Not assuming. Misreading lol. That’s how tired I am of hearing about it I guess :joy:

Wait, this doesn’t make sense. How can you start and finish a war before a war actually started?

Got me, I’m stumped on that as well!

Reread Jarad’s post. It is reasonably clear that it is about prewar waves/attacks. “Require actions to be taken after war starts”.
If you complete (5 flame) every base in the prewar wave, the war ends before other team can attack.

Okay, that makes sense, their verbiage is a bit convoluted. Why not just say removal of exploit of launching an attack before war starts and counting if attack finished after war starts. Or even more simple, only attacks launched after war starts count? It’s like they are going out of their way to confuse people. Either that, or looking to have an out of it doesn’t work!:joy: They must have hired a lawyer or politician write that for them!:joy::joy::joy::joy:

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nope a lawyer wont say a line that inherently (i wont say the word but starts with a letter S)


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Remember that members of the staff have different terms and vocabulary for items or problems than most of the playing community and that they can be bound to use it in official posts.

Then if needed an employee working in the forum can translate it in playerish so we can understand it better :grin:

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