Version 3.90 Release Notes

Dragon Lords,

Update 3.90 is almost here! This update primarily contains Atlas improvements, as well as bug fixes and a couple of new features. Below are the update notes.

Bug Fixes

*Medal count is not displayed in red when user doesn’t have enough medals to declare a war.
*Fixed an issue where a perched Anuba and Nydryr causes player base screen to shake.
*Fixed an issue that wipe out mail after updating.
*Fixed an issue where the game would crash for replying to RSS transfer system messages.

Quality of Life Improvements

*Improved battle VFX.

Atlas Changes

*Made some improvements to Rider Gear flow - Added crafting screen flow and salvaging.
*Added Region View.
*Added a Bookmarking system to Atlas.
*Added new colors to banners for Atlas-related attack and defend invites
*Default to previous session - The camera’s view will now be on the same position where you left it from your previous session, even if you hard quit the game.
*Added icons to neutral territories.
*Improved Castle labels to be more readable


Dang was hoping for the balance changes, urrr mostly Atlas. No access

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Improved battle fx? Is this main game or atlas? Or will they look the same now?

From here, I’m guessing:

I don’t know if it includes the geometry changes from here? @PGDave

We’ve found the problem with paths, and are working on the fix. But it isn’t completed yet (and thus not in 3.90 I’m afraid). Since we’ve identified the problem and actively working on the fix, I expect paths will be displayed in Android in the 4.00 release.

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what about the balance changes

It’s sad to hear you said that :disappointed_relieved:. Now I have to continue traveling blind again or guess the enemy travel path

Dang it. I’m with you I hate moving blind on atlas on Android. Always guessing if you are going to be delayed or not. Primarchs don’t even have those green lines showing where they are going like on iPhone. :sleepy:

THANK YOU for adding gear salvaging

Haha that was a lot of to do for nothing concerning the balance changes. I feel like we got trolled :joy:

Are they ever going to fix the mail so it stops putting rss in the inbox?

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I would like to know the answer to this as well. One mail issue is being addressed, does it happen to include a fix to this along with it?
Please oh please tell us yes.

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Is this version compatible with iPhone X?

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You said the GP rate would be increased by 3.7x, is it going to be in this update? @PGDave

That’s been live for some time now, not sure where you’re getting 3.7x from?

Oh it’s 2.7x then lol. That sucks then, glory is still hard to get compared to before

Glory seems pretty easy to get at the moment. They loaded the formula on multiple sides, seems ok currently

When can we expect this update, im anxious for the Christmas Theme.

Is this update no addressing the " Upcoming balance Changes " ? @DragonPunch

I have Gargula and Spindra on my perches and my base shakes. So you guys might want to look into that as well. Also, when I put them on my perch it took my defense power down… I’ve never noticed that before and would think the dragons on my perch would add to my defense and not take away.

Do they also make the screen shake when you view them in the den?

@PGEggToken @Arelyna QueenFlames916’s post above has some more dragon/perch-related bugs.