Version 3.90 Release Notes


Does this include bug fix’s for the app crashing after destroying bases in attacks? for android


Have you filed a ticket with support? If not, please do. It’s easier for us to track any issues coming up.


No not that I can tell.


I will do that now. I was just going to remove them from my perch. Lol



I did update and Atlas button is missing…


Nvm uninstalled/reisntall fixed it. Must have gotten in a weird state.


A teammate has had to install the update for a third time O.o


Me gusta the blue banners :eyes:


No christmas theme. Atlas is back. Castle labels look the same as before… nearly unreadable.


I’m on iOS is broken again when downloading atlas. Once completed, It crashed out everytimes


I’m on iOS 10.3.3. Updated. Worked fine. Didn’t see any improvement to castle labels, so I deleted app and reinstalled so I would re download all the cached files. Still the same, but working fine.

So it’s not breaking iOS. It’s an issue for some people on iOS.


Darn no Christmas theme.


Banners seem to be “frozen” after update. They don’t flash like before and the countdown is stuck at 1. The list after tapping a banner seems to be working fine. Also war banners are now red instead of orange. Not sure if that’s intended?


Is this apple only update?


no, it is available in Google PlayStore, I have just checked


Haha thanks it’s there now but wasn’t there 5 minutes ago :man_shrugging:


Why do these updates require so much free space to download. Every time I have to go through my phone deleting what I can to try to make room

Edit just needed to clear 300mb for a 26mb update. Guess it’s just my phone or google play, annoying.


I’m not the only one then. I also had to get 600mb free space for another app download that only “required” 60mb… I don’t know, either a Google store problem or the games require to download big chunks of data to install an update? 🤷


This happens to me every update, awful.