Version 3.90 Release Notes


I recently bought a good SD card designed for smartphones where everything except apps and cache can now sits (pictures, files, etc.) And I gained almost 3gb in my internal memory.

The SD card is formatted as extra storage and I can even run apps with it (accidentally got Pokemon Go reinstalled on a “temporary card” I tested, and it ran unexpectedly well for a snail slow card) and now I even watch entire videos on my phone, like several gb of movies.

I’d recommend that you get a SD card designed for smartphones (there should be a A1 on the card) for Christmas or incoming sales if you have nothing in mind. You will absolutely love it!

Make sure to check the compatibility and speed of your device, if you can add a SD card as active storage, and keep in mind that your SD card used in such a manner will become part of your device and you won’t be able to use it in another device even to transfer files…

I think I covered everything… Now questions will have to wait till tomorrow :sleepy: Night!


Appreciate it!


Keep in mind that adoptable storage is only for Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and above :slight_smile:

On another topic, there’s been chat in various channels reporting that dragons are getting shot down more quickly on bases that they normally don’t have trouble with. People are doing some more work on comparisons, so we’ll have to see :see_no_evil:

Edit: People have noted that the dragons’ attack power and base’s defense power have stayed the same.

Upcoming Balance Changes

Well if that’s the case hopefully they un-fixed cannons and archers lol. I’ll run a few see if I can tell.


Thanks for the insight, I didn’t know you needed a special version of Android… Maybe that’s why my mom’s phone isn’t behaving like mine… But she’s afraid to turn on the wifi on her smartphone and use it like a regular phone…

I doubt it’s even up to date…


My guess is that rider gear may possibly play a role in this.


I literally (just) finished bonding my rider to Nec from Grog so it might not be the update, just me not being able to have nice things and breaking everything


Hearing on another thread dark flak, fire flak and archers have a noticeable damage increase…


I was about to say well cannons certainly didn’t get better still a pile of garbage


IOS 11.2 no issues as well. No Christmas theme as well.

No full screen yet on the X :frowning:


Dark flaks are broken now… 3 hits to kill noc without supershot. 2 hits 1 super one normal. The increase in archers as a good thing, that said this update really breaks the game dynamic. One flak and one ice, lvl 60 almost instantly drop the current best dragon in the game… this needs to be fixed not on the “next update” but right away.

The next event is a war event. Take back the ridiculous increase in flaks leave the archers stronger they were due an upgrade :smile::+1:. Other than the flak most things work nicely and much smoother good work on the rest of it.


Sounds good boost cannons too though right? :smirk:


I thought next event was fortification…


Yes, even the in-game mail said fortification :rofl:


Not taking any credit for this but could we not look at releasing future updates during the Treasure hunt stage of an Event.

Seems like releasing after a PVP in between events is bad timing. Everyone is going to War.


Wait! is it not fortification by any chance? :scream: :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Thank you for the riders gear salvaging.


This has been suggested a dozen times before. They aren’t going to do it. Purported reason is it would hamstring their development. Real reason is unclear…


Can you tell us what this means?

Reports from people in game is that the flak towers received an unannounced buff with dragons dropping like flies from them


I have found where bookmarks are. I have not been able to determine how to make a bookmark.