Version 3.90 Release Notes


First, loving the new blue banners for atlas, and the troop count on the attack banners as well!
Second, and this is really concerning given the impending event, normal green banners do not include rss amounts in them. Is the team aware of this/ working on a fix?


Atlas access is down again…

Without warning… again.


I did the update last night but I’m still not seeing the UI. Will the UI change when the event starts today?


Atlas is accessible again


Ok guys, I think there is a serious issue with the power you have given to some towers at the very least fire and dft.
they are basically impassable.
You need to review this quickly as you just have caused our team 2 wars


I really love the new banner colors! :smiley:


Only the enemies towers got the buffs? how dare they!


My attack power and defense power remain the same yet bases I easily soloed now kill me by the first island. The changes are extreme and when I can’t get past any defender something is very wrong you should at least have some chance to beat a defended base but even dropping down 30M defense power for target if defended nope takes down top three dragons.


s la derniere mise a jour je ne suis plus capable de faire de missions pour les oeufa


I’ll translate : Since the last update the previous poster can’t do egg missions.

Peux-tu nous montrer une capture d’écran de tes missions d’oeufs? Là où on voit le décompte du temps avant la prochaine mission.


I s been having a chest error issue because I have insufficient funds? What’s this about and why can’t I get help?


There’s been a spike in ticket volume, so responses will be slower than usual.


There’s 75k other tickets with the same problem. I can’t take part in event I can’t get my chests I have 14k rubies but I have “insufficient currency”. Any upgrades I do to my base are fb counted towards my event anymore. And I’m showing negative resources and upgrade materials now too… like how do I have -1925 elemental embers? I have to owe them now? It’s aggravating trying to play a game that I can’t even progress in and not only that but I can’t even get a simple message telling me that they’ll look into it? I get that there’s a lot of tickets daily but may be pg should up their employee count. Don’t make a game you can’t handle!


You didn’t get an automated response (ticket received acknowledgement)? Did you put in a ticket via email…? If so, it might still be going to helpsift, which was moved to zendesk a while back. Put in a request via in-game support or (need your support ID from the gear icon -> about tab).


@DragonPunch did battle cry stop working with this new update or did you guys decide that the dragon turning red so you knew it was working get turned off?


The effect is just on its head now in a little red cloud, so it looks a little bit like the dragon is having a migraine :see_no_evil:

It does still boost the damage; I’ve been trying to get Ursa to clear an invader base :rofl:


What was the point in changing that. I am pretty sure everyone liked the red dragon effect.


Game still crashes like crazy. Its basically unplayable and i force myself to complete daily bonuses. Roll back atlas and rethink it. Focus on core game which has so many glitches and bugs still. Make atlas a minor addition to the game like conquer the world event map rather than a complicated new game disconnected from the core one.


I had a similar issue which was resolved by logging out, uninstalling, and reinstalling (and logging in)

I also showed the wrong chests/packs. Things were laggy and otherwise working odd. I used the in game support and got same day response.

For me it seems to be caused by the 3.90 version. Possibly due to an incompatibility with my iPad’s version of iOS. (I had a previous ticket where I had to constant reboot my iPad to get back in the game, and they suggested I upgrade to iOS 11.2 which i didn’t know was available. - solved that problem for me but may have been the reason I needed to reinstall)


The only thing which I‘m concerned about is where is the snow an the snowmen? :thinking: