Version 3.91 Release Notes


Dragon Lords,

Update 3.91 is almost here! This update contains a few bug fixes and a few improvements. Below are the update notes.Please note, wars will not be declareable until Tuesday the 19th after 4pm PT-- this is to avoid war attacks from taking place while everyone is in the middle of updating or waiting for this update to be available. (disregard this part, and please see PGMichael’s post below)

Bug Fixes

  • Updated our CRM tool, Zendesk to support iPhone X (however players will not be able to view FAQ library just yet)
  • Fixed a few issues causing crashes to help improve game performance


  • Added a winter theme to your main base
  • The game has been optimized for iPhone X

Atlas Changes

  • The camera no longer automatically zooms out when closing the region view.
  • Removed “Saved Camera state” to prevent an issue where the UI would appear, but the map would be blacked out. This issue should be fully fixed in Version 4.00.
  • Adjusted the tappable bounds of poachers to make it easier to select them.
  • Fixed an issue where Bonus Poacher loot from No Man’s Lands were not being properly awarded.
  • Fixed an issue where paths between regions were not rendered on the map for Android users. Pushed back to v4.00
  • Fixed several crash issues.

Update 3.91.1 buggy
New update zooms out
Opening screen, why not my last operating point?


Yay! Can’t wait for the snow


Finally you guys block war during update. Thanks a lot for listening to the players


Android paths :heart_eyes:


We had declared two wars less than an hour ago.


after 4PM PT.

So once it reaches 4 PM, you won’t be able to declare any war until the next day. Any war declared now would still go through though.

still, it’s an improvement… better than nothing


I don’t think so. I think it means from when the post was created until 4pm est (war start time).

Wars declared before this post will still be live.


well I made that conclusion after declaring a war 7 minutes before i posted so I might have misunderstood it. but going by what I experienced, either war is not going to be declarable later or the war that was declared will get cancelled once it reaches 4PM PST.

Or… there was an error in implementing it and it got delayed without them noticing.

Hope we get a clarification for this one.


Touché! Yes clarification would be nice


Yes it would. I am super happy that they are trying to prevent wars during updates, even if it didn’t go perfectly this time around.

Not that we can’t all defend against and exploit the multiple version thing, but I don’t find that part of the game to be as satisfying or fun.


Yeah, it’s pretty clear this is not what happened. lol
There were a bunch of wars declared before 4pm PT (just now).
PLUS, we have no update.
So what is REALLY going to happen?? @DragonPunch


It’s 2:43 PM there right now.


Oops :slight_smile:
Updated my previous post due to stupidity. lol :sweat_smile:


Yeah, like everyone else we have wars starting in about a half hour lol. And the update is downloading now.


We were planning on disabling war declaration during the upgrade window but we did some backend work to make the two versions compatible with each other instead. The team wanted to create the least amount of friction during this update cycle. We will definitely deploy the war declaration block during the next major update in January.

To clarify for minor updates like 3.91, we will try our best to keep the versions compatible with previous live versions like 3.90. This should make the transition much smoother between the two versions and allow battles to occur with no issues. In the case of major updates like 4.00 we will block wars on Monday 4pm PST to Tuesday 4pm pst. In conjunction we will try to always do major releases on Tuesday 1pm PST to 6pm PST and force all upgrades by 4pm PST the following day. This will in turn disallow wars during the upgrade window.


Woah! That’s interesting!



This deserves a standing ovation.

I would have preferred knowing this sooner, but beggars can’t be choosers.


Can any Android users confirm if they see paths and which device they see paths on? :see_no_evil: This might be 4.0 for others, I guess.


Paths in Atlas for Android users will be returning in v4.00, an error in messaging on my part. Sorry for the miscommunication!