Version 3.91 Release Notes


No paths :cry:

I assume paths show up when you try to move your primarch? My alt is in atlas but very new.

And I’m on Samsung Galaxy S8+ - still laggy @PGDave


There are connecting paths between territories and also when primarchs/poachers move, but Android players see neither.

For the paths between territories, I’ve been using PGFed’s hi-res as a workaround until then.


Yeah, having no paths is really frustrating! I keep on wondering why my rusher is going through other territories to get to a place that’s next to me!


What about the lag fix for Samsung devices? I’ve had to resort to playing on my old Nexus 6P!


Seems like we are singing from the same hymn sheet!


Hey @Grumpybigbird we’ve made some improvements to Android which we hope will have resolved some of the pain-points for Android. Do you mind trying it out on your Samsung device and letting us know how it feels with the new update? We really want to nail down the Samsung issue so any feedback would be greatly appreciated


@PGMichael I’ve just been on Atlas on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and it crashed 4 times before I was able to to attack a poacher. Still no way points and frustratingly no way to tell where my primarch is going to go :joy: just goes by itself 🤷
Not sure if that’s helpful or not but thought I would give some feedback as well.


HI @PGMichael - I’ve been on Atlas all morning since the update and I can say the lag issue is still there. Game responses very slowly to simple things like moving the map, zooming in and out etc. E.g. When I click on a fort at the edge of my screen, it takes 7 seconds to centre on that fort. I’ve timed it. I played on my old Nexus 6P last night and it was fine and quite smooth. So I’m pretty sure it is a Samsung device issue just like others have reported.

Also I’ve noticed that everytime I get out of say a Poacher attack, the map re-centres on Dread…now I love Dread but not that much! :joy: Can the map re-centre on my Home instead?

Feedback Requested For Android Players on 3.91

That was removed due to black screen:

Opening screen, why not my last operating point?

Ok then I shall just get used to looking in on Dread…:joy:


I have not received new update have spent thousands of dollars on this game PLEASE send update


Hey @Stonecold911,

We have already released the app to the entire playerbase at this moment. However it does take Apple/Google some time to propagate those changes to all their servers. I’m sure the update should be available to you within the next couple of hours.


@PGEggToken We’ve lost train troops automatically adjusting for how much gold we have on hand. e.g. I have 214k gold on hand -> It’d set it to train 214 troops. It now defaults to 0.

Help the lazy! :see_no_evil:

Bug: Automatic Troop Training

Nooooooooooooo. :sob:


Yes noticed that too but thought it was just me being a newb


same here. No wonder why when I had 465k, i couldnt revive 1998 troops automatically


They should make the slider max out at whatever limit your rss takes you. That way if we wanted to we can just slide it all the way across…


0 -> breakpoint for gold on hand -> breakpoint for gold + bullhorns on hand -> max for “TAKE MY MONEY”


True I forgot about the take my money part… :joy:


this update is broken. huge wood like structures completely blocking the screen…