Version 3.91 Release Notes


@pgdave see above regarding troops.

Plus the map now centers on the map center and not my home after an invader run. How can I change this it’s super annoying to scroll back after every run.



Awesome news about the fix for the war issue with compatibility joining, etc…!!
Too bad we now all have unintended wars because our leaders were all testing the theory that wars were locked out… :joy:


Love the winter theme. Easily the most refined and best looking theme since initial release. Good job PG!


I may be misunderstanding what you wrote but the version difference was not compatible. Had team mates saying they were still getting kicked from defends due to version difference.


I noticed this too. We’ll get both of these (map camera going to a broken place and troops no longer auto-selecting the desired amount).

Bug: Automatic Troop Training

I dont want to see Dreadnought islands whenever I’m done with my Xp runs lol


PG is trying to hack into your subconscious, telling you to take over Dreadlands :see_no_evil:


@Panda :arrow_up: :stuck_out_tongue:


am tiny flea, too small for Panda to see :innocent:


@forScience RUN!!!


lol isn’t taking over islands a huge part of it? We lose land all the time.


Oh yeah, tapping a primarch from the primarch tab will snap you to that primarch’s location, so that you don’t need to scroll manually, at least. Workaround while we wait for the fix :tada:


Or tapping home :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s what I do but it’s still :slightly_frowning_face:


ah, home for me is usually obstructed by other UI stuff, just ignore it by default now :see_no_evil:


Entering atlas to see #1 global team is greatly intimidating, but prefer the last location map camera for teammate coordination. Can it send you to your currently selected home maybe?


Awesome! This is how it should ALWAYS be done! Thanks for finally doing it!


@Flip this is what I was talking about :kissing_heart:


I had 5 stolen’s flags from the last event. But,now they’re gone after i upgrade the game. Please pay attention. Thanks


after this update I cant start the game anymore. It tells me to update to the new version but I can’t update for a reason. I’ve bee in a cruise last week where I had no connection on my IPhone, only Wi-Fi for their app. Now I’m home and I tried to play the game. In my apps says version 3.90, but on updates sais the app was updated 2 days ago.
I need some help