Version 3.92 Release Notes

Dragon Lords,

This latest update is a small patch to address a few Atlas issues. Below are the update notes.

-Atlas: Fixed issue where train troops slider does not auto populate number of trainable troops
-Atlas: Fixed issue with saved camera state.


Doesn’t affect me, but thanks for the good work! _

Thanks! Those were irritating :grinning:

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I noticed that the max amount for peasants in Atlas is now 8000 instead of 3998. Thanks for that!


What else does it do?

I’m guessing it is backwards compatbile in Wars as I haven’t run into a single battle I couldn’t defend due to my version not being the same.

Does it fix the 1 troop issue?

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Since this update ive had issues when transferring rss to the bank(wood is all I’ve tested). I can make the transfer but the resources wont leave my storage hut till the 20min time period is up. Is this occurring with anyone else’s game, and is this a new problem?

This happened to me as well