Version 3.93 Release Notes


Dragon Lords,

This week’s 3.93 update is a small patch to address an issue with the summon warrior spell and update our app icon. We’re still working on some updates for our next major release, Version 4.0, but as soon as we’re done with those, we’ll share the patch notes for that update with the community. Below are the details for this update:

-Summon Warrior Spell - We fixed an issue in which using two dragons that have a summoned warrior back-to-back, the second dragon summon will die or be vulnerable to death. The second dragon’s summoned warrior shouldn’t be so easily defeated now.

-App Icon Update - We took down our holiday-themed app icon and replaced it with art based on our upcoming tier of dragons.

Question on dragon breeding

Does this include non-summoned warriors ala Kinn, Ap, Equestor? Sorry if that was already fixed and I missed it.

Did that get edited or am I terrible at reading? Though it said app icon for android users, and I never have had a holiday themed app icon?


You could have at least said SPOILER ALERT



Robo-dragons? It better be robo-dragons.


Does this mean no new dragons for this weeks breeding event?


What part of:

Did you not read?


how did you know?


It doesn’t show who you’re replying to but in my defense the post got edited to include that (guessing PG doesn’t get that same “edited” icon, but it definitely didn’t say that at first).

Also if the robo-dragons is what @forScience teased, I don’t have that as my app icon, nor ever had a holiday icon?


Protip, if it doesn’t show who the reply responded to, they either responded to the OP or the person right above them, much how like my post won’t have a icon in the upper right showing who I responded to.

Also, to respond to your initial question, yes it specifically is targeting those spells.


So when is this new tier being released?


2 days before the day after tomorrow i heard. :rofl:


Drop the ‘new tier’ bomb and run ? Seriously can’t even give a time frame?..please?


Smart guy. Upcoming tier. That means this week? It would seem to me the dragons are part of the major update reference.


*drops new tier bomb*


Hahaha… perfect!


Reading into it literally then ‘this week’s’ is the 3.93… meaning ‘major update ‘ is not this week… hope it is just sometime before end of event if it is ‘next week’…


What about chimerak attack power and Leo passive spell logo?


Just wondering leo passive spell is till lion rage or something else


You’re missing out :scream:

Default? / Halloween / Winter
icon icon icon

Current (or last patch :smiling_imp:)/new tier dragon:


  • mouseover for slight unblur, click to show

Missing the Noctua icon :thinking:


I loved the noctua icon!