Version 3.93 Release Notes


My icon is default, I did have the Halloween one but mine is default. I updated to latest patch, default.

Edit: Least of my concerns really considering the issues I’ve been having but at least it’s another thing to chalk up to the list :+1:


Equestors summoning pet now deal 2x lower dmg… Why? Dont see any reason and info about this nerf. .


I like the idea of robot dragons for the next tier, but am not sold on bringing in Suki from 2 Fast 2 Furious for the paint jobs.


Atlas is pretty laggy after this update as well.


Do you have it? Does anyone have the Noctua icon saved up? I’d like to see it again…




Oooo that’s cool. :heart_eyes:


@DragonPunch @PGPulse @PGJared
About the thread " Towers Balance",I would like to expose simple solutions, without upsetting everything:
FIRE FLAK : Increase the debuff time [2.5 ==> 3.5s]
Massively increase the damage created by the tower explosion.

FIRE TOWER : Increase attack range ( both for the normal shot and for the supershot ). For example, if currently its 70, increase it to 90.
In essence, increase both attacks range by At Least 1/3 !!
Normal attack Can’t be reversed.

DARK FLAK : Maybe maybe, increase attack range for its supershot only (just +5/10) OR increase the stun duration. The Dark Flak works very well as it is.

about the future ICE FLAK : Attack mode equal to other flak.
Damage derived from the normal attack similar to the normal attack of ONE lightning tower, but with a speed of attack similar to that of the cannon or a bit better. Attack range equal to cannon/archer.
The supershot will have a greater range(compared to ICE/STORM Towers), it will always be able to cover all the nearby towers even if this tower (ICE FLAK) is positioned behind a set of 5 towers (including it).
The supershot will create a temporary shield (maybe 4 - 5s) similar to the one created by the Ice Tower, but Much more resistant. This shield will absorb/reduce the very first shot fired by a White spell. Absorbed / Reduced damage from white spells, the shield will run out.
This shield can be cumulated with other shields ( optional )

OR even easier and faster

FIRE FLAK : Increase attack range by At Least 1/3 ( supershot AND normal attack ).
FIRE TOWER : Increase attack speed ( supershot AND normal attack) .
Normal attack cant be reversed.
DARK FLAK : Increase stun duration.
ICE FLAK: as mentioned above.

There is no need to revolutionize everything, just follow (about) these small measures :slight_smile:


Increasing stun duration of the dark flak should kill any dragon just about. So long as the dragon isn’t extremely over leveled in comparison to the base. The current stun is the primary reason I die on most bases defended with flaks


Infact i think that the Dark Flak works very well as it is. WHAT WE WANT ( as a lot of players) is:
FIRE FLAK : Increase attack range ( regular attack AND supershot)
FIRE TOWER : Increase attack speed ( regular attack AND supershot)

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Agreed on dark flak and turret. If anything the current dark flak’s stun is a hair too long. Especially if they adjust the AP to be higher soon.