Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Dragon Lords,

Update 4.00 is almost here! This new release mainly contains Atlas improvements, as well as a few couple of updates. Below are the details:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where rage regeneration runes were not working when equipped with Gladicus.
  • Fixed an issue where dragon remains cloaked even when explosive shield explodes in battle
  • Fixed an issue where tweaking the in-game graphics settings were not being applied correctly
  • Fixed an issue where game would crash if game was set to Russian and player owned a dragon rider
  • Overall performance maintenance
  • Revamped the referrals feature making it easier to refer and play with your friends.
  • The update will also increase the ammo regen debuff of Ice Turrets once live. We’ve decided to maintain the Ice Turret’s ammo regen debuff at its previous levels, so this effect will be cancelled shortly after the update is live.
  • Fixed a bug with the use of Airplane mode affecting wars.
    • Note: This fix will be rolling out to a subset of players initially. Once we’ve ensured the fix is stable and functional, we will roll it out to the remainder of players. This rollout should occur within a few days to a week from when the update is live.

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Revamped the attack invite banner based on the feedback mentioned in this thread.
  • Made some improvements to our notification system

Atlas Changes

  • Added Settings menu to Atlas UI
  • Gold resource bar now shows capacity
  • Fixed an issue with saved camera states that caused black screen or locked-up screen issues.
  • Improved placement of location indicators for Primarchs.
  • Updated notification for bonus loot earned from poachers.
  • New visual models added for castles. If a castle has a Fort constructed, the model will gain additional walls to indicate this. Castle also reflects team colors.
  • Removed camera lock feature from tapping on the Primarch icon in upper-left. This option now in the Settings Menu.
  • Tapping on the Primarch icon in the upper-left now toggles selection between your summoned Primarchs.
  • Team crests have returned! These now appear over the longest controlled castles (not just regions) of top teams in Atlas.
  • Reduced map texture flickering when zoomed in.
  • Fixed an issue where Troop counts were not shown in Atlas Defense Invites.
  • The Garrison can be directly attacked if the attacking Primarch has more Troops than the other defending enemy Primarchs present.
  • Castle shields should no longer appear on Castles in No Man’s Lands.
  • [Android] Graphical fixes: Roads, shadows, and water now rendered in addition to fixed broken textures.
  • Fixed an issue with attempting to transfer player-owned Troops off of an enemy Garrison.
  • Fixed several Atlas-specific game crashes.
  • Blockades now shown in green if your team has Safe Passage through that castle.
  • Fixed an issue where Primarchs trapped by a Rusher would be able to attack Primarchs other than the entrapping Rusher.

4.0 Update and Tower Balance Changes
Gameplay Faction formed!
I thought airplane was supposed to be fixed
Attacking the Garrison

What’s that you say? :eyes:


What’s that? Lol


I believe that is a fix for people sending in fighters with 1 troop to prevent the garrison from being attacked


Missing the link to what I think is this?


Don’t hesitate to PM me directly if you think our fix doesn’t work. :wink:


Whoops! Link added.


Confidence in this fix for airplane mode huh I like it.


I hope it works #fingercross (not like the first time PG attempted to fix Prewar) :wink:


Cool thanks! Here’s to hoping I don’t have to :grin:


So I can count on having to delete what few apps I have left to make room for this I trust, right?


There are no apps, only War Dragons.


Sadly this is almost literally correct lol. I’ve even had to resort to deleting photos to make room for the updates (which usually are just for Atlas)


Do we know the release status for Atlas? I know lots of us are waiting to see what the rave is all about.


New release of Atlas to Sapphire 3 and below might be in mid of February


I want to raise one more small known issue which needs to be rectified.
The Share Replay/ Bookmark/Attack next button keeps disappearing randomly. From my experience, i have not observed any pattern to it. This is prevalent in both Android and iOS.

Can this be rectified please?

Also, in iOS there is a popup half of the times when i try to attack which is shown below:

Is there a way to make a default setting for this to record screen & microphone so that i don’t see this annoying popup? I end up missing “Invite Players” due to this pop-up.

"Attack again" disappears - causes
"Attack again" disappears - causes

How much space will this update take up? This whole time I’ve been worrying about the good of the game but kind of pointless if the game doesn’t fit on my phone. I’m not asking for war dragons to be updated catered to my phone storage but it always sucks when there’s an update and I have to sit here thinking about which apps that I use regularly I’ll now have to delete to clear enough space. Is it possible for you to see on your end the storage space needed? I don’t know stuff, so honest question. It’d be nice to get a jump start on deciding which photos and such I choose to delete rather than feeling rushed once the update comes out.

This sounds sarcastic but it’s really not at all.


I’ve noticed that the attack next button tends to vanish more frequently when you do event attacks. Quitting the game and doing a fresh relaunch usually fixes it.

Edit: As for the pop up, disabling sharable replays makes it go away forever :blush: you can use the screen recording app in iOS 11 for easy recording of your runs instead. (Which can be added to your control center through your settings.)


I remember someone posting that restarting the app after entering the event page will take care of the missing button.


is this what i think it is? Airplane mode fix?

I don’t know if my body can hold on to this and having Monster Hunter World releasing (can get it in 5 hours)