Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


The bookmark button disappears after you enter the event for some reason. Closing the app and restarting it as @forScience pointed out will bring the bookmark/attack next buttons back.

This bug has been around since maybe August and has never been fixed even though the cause has been known.


I did try quitting game. But it happened to me multiple times daily and i am very frustrated.
I thought for some time that if i keep attacking same base ( xp base ), it would vanish. So i tried mockup with attacking different base every time. It didn’t work. I reported to support, followed their instructions. And added to that, I even uninstalled the app, restarted my iPad and reinstalled it. Nothing works. In the end support said its a known issue, and they were working on it. So i wanted to get notice of dragonpunch in the update notes.
And regarding shared replays, i have screen recording in iOS on and its conveinent and all, but i keep forgetting to record consciously and some attacks suddenly turn into awesome attacks. So having the share replay is very convenient as we can conveniently save run after its done. And no need to edit at all ( yes i am too lazy ).

Update: Disappearing bookmark button has been unrelated to event for me. Its like a hit or miss in every attack.


Wow… I’ve never had the attack button be so damn elusive for me. I’m sorry that you seem to have found all the glitches :disappointed:

I turned off the sharable replays on mine because I got that pop up EVERY single time I tried to do a run and it drove me abslolutely nuts.

I really hope you figure out how to fix this soon! No one deserves that sort of agrivation. It’s seems about as bad as wishing your enemies to step on a lego while barefoot.

Edit: Yeah, sometimes I have the attack button vanish on random attacks too, even when we aren’t having an event. Have absolutely no idea what triggers it though. But usually quitting the game and relaunching it is enough to fix it.


I was all… ‘blah, blah, blah, blah rage regen…blah, blah, blah airplane mode fix… blah, blah, blah Russian graphic…blah, blah, blah major Atlas fi…wait… what??.. airplane mode attack during war fix!!!

Freaking awesome… just to clarify though… the ‘war’ reference means they can still do it in non-war attacks? I ask because since the xp change it’s become a frequent tactic when I am getting attacked for xp or rss. If I am on, I can dump rss quickly enough, but if teammates try to defend while I am away, they get away with it. Just wanna know if the change is global or not?


Whats this version includes an Atlas Expansion for Platinum Teams?


Airplane mode fix is live already - see new farms and mills :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck doing a 1 dragon run with that :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi. I’m actually the one who implemented this feature (at the request of Apple).

Unfortunately the Apple ReplayKit SDK is built such that it doesn’t give the developer control over when it pops up the permissions dialogue. I’ve mentioned this to their development team and hope that they will fix it someday. In the meantime, there isn’t much we can do.

I agree the way it works right now isn’t great, which is why the recording feature isn’t a very prominent option in the UX.


Thank you for the heads up. I feel shareable replays feature is very convenient.
Also, if apple had a feature of remembering my choice for permissions, which seems possible it would be great.


So, no mention of a fix to the recent nerf of Sage, particularly the reduction of damage on the new white ‘thinderstorm’, despite an admission that you’d got it wrong?


Will there be a fix for AI so that supershot usage is more efficient? (or at least let us prioritize supershot usage on some towers)?


And what about balance changes?
Last time you made dragons weaker. What else?


Hopefully this will fix the airplane mode, be nice to have normal ish wars again.

Ps. I was looking at getting that monster world game. Let me know what it’s like.


While we’re wishing for things, will I get a pony?!


You only got 2 headed Donkey instead of Pony. Its still useful though :see_no_evil::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I have nothing to add just wanted to say Hi and Welcome back to the forums. We have missed you in your absence even though we know you are still lurking :eyes:


My memory is that the AI basically uses supershots randomly. This was intentional —- if the AI worked as well as an active defender, then people would defend even less often and the game would be less social, and have a weaker community around it


Thanks! I’ve been away because of a family health issue but I hope to be back soon.


PG, can you please give us an estimate when Atlas will be available for Platinum IV?


Why don’t you focus on fixing the bugs you have had for ages. Instead of improving atlas?


Well atlas drop for more players after 4.0? Releases or are we still stuck in sap 1 with no atlas? @DragonPunch