Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Just my opinion though.
One reason why players planned their base is due to supershot activation.

While it’s true that the base will be more powerful with better AI, the difference between defended and undefended base is still pretty large, since defender can use their items (especially hammer repairs), which makes attacking the base much harder.

Perhaps we can let some towers have higher priority to use supershots (as if a supershot has been assigned to each of them). If each prioritized tower have supershot assigned, the remaining can be activated randomly. By supershots, I mean base’s supershots which are 4 or 5.

p.s.I wish the best for you and your family. :pray:


What is this atlas you speak of? :face_with_monocle:


Yes turn replays off in settings



How about fixing the issue where new level of farms/mills are nearly impossible to kill?


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Need a message alliance button for better communication with our team


Woot! Yay!


I suggest buying yourself a Moto G. Its only $60 from Amazon and has plenty of space. Its basically the cheapest thing you can get that will play this game. My wife and I each own one for our alts so that we dont have to keep switching back and forth on our real phones. You dont need to activate any service, just skip the activation and use it in wifi only.


its called level 60 farms… no more soloing!!!


Can you explain the role of taunter in this case ?? And around how many minimum troops you have to keep on a primarch ? :man_shrugging:t2: @pgdave


any taunter that has more than 50k troops ===> has to be attacked, since no other prime can match that

simple enough

Lets say A attacks B

B has 10 primes each with 10k troops
A has a prime with 50k troops

A has to kill off around 80k troops before he can bypass the primes, and attack the garrison directly.


when will atlas come to platinum?


never… when will it go to the rest of Sapphire is the better questions. :slight_smile:


Bye bye airplane mode…about damn time


they should worry more about the game (every day is worse) than about the damn atlas


Hi :hugs:. Is this the complete list of changes? The last release had additional changes that wasn’t passed on that was startling to some of us. Thank you! :rose:


Are the new splash screen planned yo be added in this update ?


hmmm “massive primarch” is sorta capped at 50k troops.

surely the SUM of your teams troops on primarchs > 50k.


This may not be the right thread, but is there an update to when Atlas may roll out to additional leagues? IE Sapphire III?