Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Reading is good:


just get a taunter that has more troops.

Having a taunter that has 1 troop is what PG is preventing or any kind of primarch that does that tactics. If you want to defend your castle, then invest on stationing more troops.


primarch has a limit when it comes to troops that you can carry.

Taunter is the only one that can carry more than 40K troops if my information is correct.

EDIT: Taunter can carry 75K troops while the others can only carry 25K and 17.5K troops at level 1.


I guess I had wrong info somebody up above said the max for any primarch was 50K. That makes it more viable.


well, they might just be trying to remember it or they have maxed level primarchs. I don’t know yet since I only have level 1 fighter and just started playing atlas.


That’s OK, I mean after all:

WD > family memories


Were holding on the new splash screens for the time being. We might have some improvements to those screens coming in the next couple update though!


Will those who are in sapphire that don’t yet have atlas be added?


They will not give us any details about atlas expansion until they have installed new glitches and issues that benefit them and not us, don’t be in a rush to lose hard earned money :moneybag:


i just want access to the invader base to do xp. why does only atlas have access to it


And still nothing about fixing android crashes…i cant participate AT ALL as soon as i get halfway it crashes :expressionless:


@PGMichael any chance we can be told if wars will be disabled that day as has been done before?


We have not used the new technology to block war declarations yet. But we will be using it for the 4.00 release. We will block war declarations at 4:00pm PST on Monday January 29th till Tuesday 4:00pm PST January 30th.

Edit: We will be releasing after the Tuesday 4:00pm PST window. This means that there will be no active wars during Tuesday 4pm to Wednesday 4pm. We will block 3.93 before Wednesday 4pm so that everyone will need to be on 4.00 before they partake in any wars which start Wednesday 4pm. Thanks @JustBEAR and @Kenshiki for helping clarify.

War declared against us during update
Unable to declare Wars
Wars disabled? Maintenance?

What happens if a team declares at 3:59PM PST on Monday? Wouldn’t this give the same issue as before with defenses and such for Monday night wars?


Declaration of War happens at 28th 4:00 PM ~ 29th 3:59 PM
War battles take place at 29th 4:00 PM ~ 30th 3:59 PM where the patch isn’t live yet.

Patch hits maybe later at 5:00 PM PST?


But the patch will be going thru during the war that starts on the 29th thus causing issues with defending against players that have not done the update.

I thought the whole point was so we didn’t have wars during when the update was being pushed out.


I think @PGMichael means that the release will be after the war has finished on the 30th. I am 100% sure it wont happen at 29th.

The war declaration from 28 will proceed until 29.
War declaration from 29 4:00 PM Onwards will not proceed until 30 4:00 PM

When the declaration is enabled again, you can declare on the 30th and the actual war battle for version 4.00 starts at 31 4:00 PM


I see so there won’t be any wars on the night of the 30th and that is when they will push the update out. :+1:


Thanks for the quick, detailed response


The event will end on 1/29 @ 4 PM PST … but the block on war declarations will extend another 24 hours into the 30th. This means 1) war won’t be declared until after the weekly shuffle and 2) the earliest war you’ll have is on 1/31 @ 4 PM PST.

Edit: Corrected for 2018 dates :roll_eyes: