Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Event will end on the 29th :slight_smile:


With 4.0 have you fixed the attack/revenge screen. Some players only see one attack. Others see 5-6 . I’ve been asking for a fix for months.

Please let this be one item repaired


I was looking at the 2017 calender. Still waiting on my 2018 calendar to arrive. :see_no_evil:


@SweetLulu can you fill me in on the issue? If it hasn’t been addressed i’ll take a look at it.


Android only gets to see the most recent attack in the replays tab of mail.


Sure … if there isn’t an “oops” :roll_eyes:


In game messages can be sent to the entire team by typing the team name in the ‘To’ section when composing a new mail, this will send to every member and have a green line next to it, compared to the orange for personal. Replies are also seen by the entire team.

This can only be used within the team you are in tho so if you want to send messages to another team (eg a mini team or something like that) you’ll have to give the message to someone on that team and have them send it to all


Why? I’ve never noticed war dragons taking up much space? You have to delete, gain memory to be able to update :grimacing: That would get very irritating with each update! :pensive:


Please advise, it seems like AI is particularly evil and worse than active defender when xp spell is used or when there is multiplier x5, x4 or x3 on while running for xp. Got quite a few unpleasant encounter and i wonder why did an xp farm defended worse than actual human defender especially the farms rescuing the turrets three times consecutively!


When undefended there is no limit to the amount the farms can heal

Edit: Meant to say amount of times they can heal


Thank I am aware of this.this isn’t very game friendly…im suggesting a button/shortcut on the screen to message team


Of course there is a limit to the amount of shots an AI can apply…that’s why it makes lots of sense to soak damage on low level leading towers and let them use up the supershots so that the AI can’t apply them to better towers or farms later on in the base


Never would be too soon for me.


@PGMichael I know what she is talking about. I have the same issue . Its been like that the entire time I have played the game though, so I think its normal.

The issue is when you log in, and lets say you have been attacked 4 or 5 times since you were last on. Little black bubbles appear over your towers showing who attacked you. You can tap one of those and see a listing of all the attacks including details of what dragons they used, who was backing them up, and how much RSS they took. Once you close that screen, you can never get it back again. Try to go into replays subsequently and it will only show you the one most recent attack, not all 4 or 5 of them.

It would be very handy to be able to get back to that screen as many times as you like. Otherwise you can only do one revenge run unless you screen shot it.


I agree. Those of us on android can only view at most 2 of the replays, one older and then the most recent via the messaging.

It would be great to see all of them if we wanted.


If you got rubies during a defence and don’t claim it right away you can still find them in replay tab, but that’s the only way to see more than one replay. This has been broken for ages, I keep screenshots to check if I’m being bookmarked too…


You bring up an interesting point - What is the criteria for getting rubies from a successful defense? I find that I get rubies only about 1 out of every 5 or 6 successful defenses. Typically only 1 per day, although occasionally it has been 2. But some of my team mates claim to get 30-60 rubies a day from defenses alone.

So exactly what has to happen to qualify for 3 rubies?


Problem is PG doesn‘t scale anything in this game besides RSS packs/XP pots and XP/transfer rates and even those are often capped at very low amounts (XP was finally updated now).

Maybe the excuse is that you could attack yourself with an alt repeatedly and farm rubies.
However I would really appreciate if every 10 levels the rewards from hitting monuments, killing dragons in defense, collecting loot from the bounty harbour and the first successful defense would actually scale.

What do lvl500s do with 3 rubies from defense or 1 ruby per killed dragon? :man_facepalming:t3:
In any other game I‘ve played, drops and rewards scale…


There’s something that isn’t as simple as that at least from my experience. Overall yeah of course there is a limit to supershots. I’ve seen many times a defender use all their supershots and when it’s pointless to continue they quit and with what should be zero supershots farms start healing. Maybe I’m hallucinating though, but something doesn’t seem so simple about it.


When defenders quit, AI gets a few supershots and its a known thing. But unlimited supershots with no defenders is not right. I let first island with cannon keep hitting my Ettin with supershots so i don’t get bothered by them again ( in undefended runs ) and it works.