Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Yep that’s the way to double super shots on bases. Should be corrected imo. If the base has 5-7 super shots then it has 5-7 period. Doubling it up with having a defender is just plain stupid.

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Maybe you guys can explain why this is even a thing.


So let me get this straight. With the change to atlas garrison now a level 500 with a zillion troops can just come attack a level 150 fighter with a taunter full of troops, still get a little better than 1:1 odds and wipe an entire garrison full of troops belonging to lvl 300 and higher players? Seems fair…


Nope. Pretty much none of the above


I wish WD would have more rewards available to low lv/regular players (not related to Atlas or Seasons, cause we have to spend a lot of time and resources to gain them).
Maybe add more “regular” portraits like Thorn, Ash, Titan, Deathclaw, etc. and add more Quests - everyone forgets they’re even a part of the game!

Also, Lineage dragons aren’t very useful to most players because of divines. I think that’s a shame, but making any big changes to the current meta would spark a lot of hate. Either way, I’m pretty sure all of us are used to how things are now…


PG can improve that if “some” of the high level spenders won’t complain that they have improved progression from level 1 - 100.

You decide who’s the “some” that I am talking about. For me, as long as there’s more players in the game, I am fine with the devs improving the low level player’s progression.

The only thing that they can’t improve would be the mythic divine dragons (moonfang, merkt, neptus etc.)

Complaints would be a bit lower if PG will make an advance notice that in 2 months, Sapphire and Garnet tier dragons will have their egg fragments reduced by x %. However, there will always be complaints from some of those who have already surpassed that tier about compensating them 250K egg tokens.


Yeah, token balancing would be good. Especially on Sapphire and Garnet tiers, but that’s not what I meant.
I wanted PG to make more accessible content, something that casual players could easily get: ie free portraits (like those win 500 battles, end the week with 250k medals, hatch 60 eggs, etc), and more Quests (research 10 things, hatch 3 green dragons, get a tower to lv15, etc)
Even players past that lv threshold will be able to get those rewards!

And yeah, some players past the balance will get pretty angry - but come on, we shouldn’t be. We’re past it, and future players won’t need to go through that


You can say that to those who wanted compensation for the research improvement.

but yeah, for the other things, it’s nice to get more portraits or any additional achievements like daily ruby quest (win 10 battles or participate in a war battle if there is one) that rewards 20 rubies each for a total of 100 rubies (4 daily and 1 complete all daily quest for the 20 additional rubies)


I want compensation for research cost. But I’m not preventing it from happening. If I’m over those research my teammates can benefit from it, compensation for me or not. Emilie asks me and I’d say the same.


People who always open that compensation of something should not forgett that in past people got more…

more from chest, … more from events… prizes was easier to get… droprates and dropquantity was higher.
I dont want to talk about , because it wont happen, and there are good reasons why it shouldnt too…

The only thing i hope will change are about breeding where some unbalance arround garnet was, that it will be fixed soon hopefully.


Yep, getting extra rubies as Quests rewards would be pretty cool. Boosts would be helpful too, but I guess that we have enough of those in chests.

Some games have Daily Quests. Like the ones you said - regular Quests and an extra bonus for completing all of them. But overall I’d say that WD needs more 1 time achievements related to a player’s growth


@PGMichael, just for clarity … when is the earliest war can be declared after the event?


Yay! Another patch focused mainly on Atlas, yet no additional Atlas roll out announced. Par for the course nowadays.


Soon I’m literally not going to have enough space on my phone for this game. The majority of which is Atlas. Very frustrating deleting stuff to make room for update after update that doesn’t apply to me at all.


It will eventually!


Time to invest in a new phone? :eyes:


Probably, but Atlas seems like a poor reason to need to get a new phone, especially when you don’t have Atlas, no?


True but it’s kind of like getting a spouse … comes with extras that you might not necessarily want (i.e. in-laws) but it is a packaged deal. :joy:


I’m sorry to anyone that had trouble but this is cracking me up :joy:


Wait… I totally missed that. Could this happen for other languages too? Is this why my game locked up my phone when I fly Kinnarus and Kayla sometimes? :flushed: I have so many other questions that go with testing and isolating this bug :joy:


The bugs I get are just frustrating, reported numerous times and now the latest answer I have from PG is to roll back my devices firmware lol back to android nougat which is just stupid, also tried to say I may not have enough RAM to which I replied my phone had 8GB of RAM lol and the only thing that uses the most of it is WD, tbh not much else touches it really. So yeah I’ve to roll back my firmware with no guarantee it will solve anything, therefore if it doesn’t, I will need update again. Getting annoying now