Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


Ok so then what does it mean? Player can attack the garrison directly if the attacking player has more troops than the defending primarch sounds a lot like that. If it means it will attack the defending players troops stored in that garrison that is already a thing so hardly new.


When has this happened before? Are you talking about Atlas?

Again, War Dragons or Atlas?

This would be a welcome benefit, but I’m curious why it’s being implemented now? I ask because we’ve been begging for two years and the response has always been ‘it’s not fair for players who get updates pushed late’, and now without any fanfare it’s here… Just curious…


Made an edit to the note about being able to attack Garrisons. It should actually be:

> The Garrison can be directly attacked if the attacking Primarch has more Troops than the castle’s Garrison.

…and not the other Primarchs present.

Original was actually correct.



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Any chance some of the scaling being done will include egg token mission payout for higher level players?? Hint Hint* :grin:


This doesn’t seem like a great change–don’t think it will change the status quo very much so not sure of the point.


Allows skipping the 1 troop prime exploit… Tactic whatever


Can anyone please explain to a non-atlas players how this 1-troop exploit was so detrimental? I’m curious but can’t seem to understand how it was such a problem…


But only if the primarch has more troops than the garrison–most worthwhile castles have more troops garrisoned than any prim can hold.


it will make it hard for teams to hold a large number of islands i think is the theory…


Yes, I suppose that make sense, though the spike in upkeep costs was pretty effective on that front as well…

Think it will serve as a boon for established teams in the long run as lands get more efficiently allocated and troops are not as thinly distributed.


Well won’t that be just peechy for incoming teams… :triumph:


I think this is being read wrong

What will happen is this will stop someone running into the castle over and over with a fighter prime with a single troop and then being able to stop the attackers hitting the garrison.

In any other scenario than one where you are already defeated, this will have no impact.

It simply stops the griefing behaviour as far as I can tell. (although I’m sure some teams will find someway to exploit this as well)


I think mike may be right though. It forces lands to have more troops than the max primarch can have, which will both cause 1 troop to be bypassed as well as incentivize not spreading out so thinly. Resulting in more lands being freed up.

It seems consistent with how primarchs work in general. Weighting the need for more troops being risked.


The new update fixed the revenge screen problem. But has destroyed my bases ability to defend against the emerald and obsidian dragins it used to beat

Poor poor rebalance of game in my opinion.


Android textures haven’t been fixed for everyone. :see_no_evil:


It’s purdy at least


@forScience we’re aware that you’ve been experiencing this for a long time and it’s still on the team’s radar. does this issue remain after hard-quitting and relaunching? right off the bat, this issue looks like it might be related to device and memory. we haven’t seen many reports of this, so if anyone is experiencing this, please PM me your username.

Pink screen in Atlas

My mini just got this today after the update xD. But I guess it’s passed due long long time ago


Yes, it remains regardless of hard quit + relaunch or reinstall. It is likely somehow tied to the device/hardware, as someone else with a LG G5 also gets the error; he’s reported it before as well. Some iPhone 6 players also see the issue.

LG G5 has 4 GB of RAM. Also, the purple doom is tied to team colors. Disabling that gives a more usable view. It always stalls on the last Atlas file, so I don’t know if that could be broken up.