Version 4.00 Pre-Release Notes


@DragonPunch regarding this added note:

Do these players know they have anti aircraft technology? Are they encouraged to airplane or encouraged to be airplaned to ensure it’s working? Is it working thus far?


It’s “fixed” because since we can’t defend anyhow, it doesn’t matter if someone uses airplane mode now. Genius really.


More live testing without proper procedure.

Expect it to be broken, but expect PG to think it works because they’re doing it wrong.


a player on my team is still getting this after updating to 4.01 and uninstalling, reinstalling. hard close, etc etc etc. @DragonPunch @PGDave


Mail DragonPunch with the name, so that they can look at it, if you haven’t already. It might be worth including if it’s always been that way or not or just after 4.00,


It was just after 4.0 came out.


So is there any update on this? Screen is still pink


Can you please PM me the details to your mini? Username, device, etc. And please send me a screenshot.


We’re hoping to have the fix for this in our next update.


When’s next update expected? ?


Not sure if its right place but a hot fix was placed in one of your recent updates where you said players were defending their own teammate’s attacks.

I joined two attacks to find out i was defending against my teammates. So i think that hot fix still has issues.
Please look into that.