Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


When will the monuments in Atlas be fixed so that sorcerers can kill them and healing marks can be placed on them??


I agree. If someone can’t defeat a base they can ask for backup instead of making the base significantly weaker.

@JennyD Sorcerers should be able to defeat them all with this release, and guess we’ll still be waiting on healing marks.


Did you even read the update?


Just in time for them to think about selling you 65s😂


Ok! New season…I was getting bored of this season.

I’m assuming this means players will get a notification if their builder slots are not full. If a player just turned to lvl 45, they will be notified of the dark flak. Does this mean we can see tower stats while the upgrade is in progress? If so that’s great and I’m curious to see what “number of improvements,” turns out to be.

Interesting. I didn’t even know players have to reload their games if the Elite Account expires :joy:

Um…you didn’t even release the dragons so why even mention it.

Poor mehaten :joy: Well this doesn’t affect perches…

Is Aster the only one with this spell? I don’t remember the last time I defended against it…
Since the cooldown is exceptionally long, this glitch really is not a severe problem.

How do you cast a blue spell in the blue mage aura? :thinking:

This is very good!

Lol good, that glitch confused a few players.

Oh…completely forgot about referrals.

Value? Attack power I’m guessing.

Really? Does this matter? Wow…some people don’t want free prizes. I’d like to see some additions to the settings. For instance, auto base supershot selection or ability to see tower levels in a replay or attack.

This is important.

Crash fixes are always nice :smile:


@AltAltman, I am not positive. @PGMichael will need to confirm this one.

@DrunkenBulldog, Lutrus is correct that it should more teams will hopefully be getting Atlas access in the next month or so.


I’m just putting my opinions and thoughts towards the changes. It isn’t about me, I don’t even get where you are getting that from. Majority of what I posted isn’t towards me in any way, more in general and questions.


I did, actually. Not sure how I managed to skip right over that… lol :sweat_smile:
But thanks so much for kindly pointing it out to me. :wink:


I’m glad you weren’t hurt by my phrasing :joy: I’m sure you can understand what it’s like to talk to some of the people that frequent the forums


Is this one of the bug fixes :sunglasses: please be so! ! Been waiting since 31th jan…


@Gox1201 has pointed out…this seems like at best a typo but likely just a completely horrible mistake. Where do these numbers even come from???


So I‘m not the only one wondering that :joy:
Although I must say I like the very detailed patch report over just saying “minor bugfixes”.

It was the level requirement value of a perch that said something like “Level 6439737485” for Neptus.


Oh ok lol 6389237


Am I the only one that’s concerned that the change to Elite is a stealthy way to end Ruby Elite?


No, but Arelyna said she doesn’t know the answer to that. Hope it can be cleared up before the update is live.


I read that to be mid to late April if you figure 2 to 3 weeks ‘after’ end of March, no?


They’re adding the teams first and then giving it 2-3 weeks to settle and then starting the atlas season is how I read it.


Hope your interpretation is the correct one lol… either way, at least it’s relatively soon.


My team doesn’t have Atlas so I can care less about the bugs don’t understand why they would release it to Only a few teams and not all team they must’ve been drunk off their ass when they made that decision


Mine doesn’t have atlas either