Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


@PGDave refers to the Atlas teams who have been there from its beginning as “Legacy”. I think the people who hold ruby elite should be considered the same. I’d like to see clarification about this too.


How about fixing purple screen


When will the bug where Neptus doesn’t show up in anyone’s top 3 dragons (when looking at someone else’s profile, not your own) be fixed?


Somehow I doubt that’s on PG’s Top 10 Bugs to Fix Because They’re Messing Everyone’s Game Up list.


Why are you titling your post?


Can we please get some clarification on the Elite update? @PGJared


I will unfortunately be unable to get an answer about the ruby elite for everyone until tomorrow.

In terms of the Atlas infrastructure point that @Panda asked about, I will also work on getting an answer tomorrow.




I was just re-reading the wording here. It gives no mention of Android devices/those that operate with Google Play, and specifically states it’s an additional option. This makes it seem as if grandfathered accounts will still be able to buy Elite as usual, and the only change will be this add-on for iOS. If not, and thank you Arelyna for inquiring, perhaps the wording should be changed to not imply that?


The part where it says “Through the App store” has me worried. Is ruby elite considered an in game purchase that is against Apple’s TOS?
Edited here –
If in fact it does come to pass that PG is ending Ruby elite will players lose the days left before it expires.


That’s a good point… it would make sense if PG were forced to change how it works due to that. I’m not familiar with what the iOS guidelines are, primarily using Android.


There’s nothing that seems to indicate any changes to elite purchased by any existing method other than you no longer need to reboot after purchase if it has run out. It sounds like this is just an auto renewing subscription so you don’t have to manually purchase when your elite runs out. I’m guessing subscription type payments are new-ish to the App Store since I’m seeing the option pop up in other apps recently


Attack someone your own level? IDK.

Will have to see how it’s executed. If it’s part of an overall strategy to incentivize attacking at your own “level” in atlas, rather than going to pick on the Sapphire teams you have a plot of land, then I’m all for it. (No, I’m not in sapphire, and no, I have not had problems being picked on).

And, since only two enemies can be targeted, I think this is really to stop the one-man army problem. Atlas is a team game. This will help keep it that way.


Yeah Shimo, sheesh!


I’m not arguing my point for my own sake, this change would be very beneficial for me :sweat_smile:

Basically I do think this will discourage one person armies as intended but it’s also gonna be hard on smaller teams which rely on a couple of big bases. Maybe if smaller teams get attacked less they’ll be bold enough to try a takeover but if you know your protection can be nerfed like that it’s probably a significant deterrent. With how expensive big bases are getting it’s pretty common to only have a couple of them. And since it’s a % of tower level the effect is only going to get stronger as more towers levels are released. Just seems like a pretty drastic change to me although PG is not known for subtlety :joy::woman_shrugging:t2:


Pfft you know I’m just a big bully throwing money at the game so I can beat up people half my level cause I can’t fly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


At least you admit it :joy:


Did you fix the bug where neptus is not showing in top 3 dragons?


Is that really super important?


To me it is more important than all the atlas fixes since i dont have atlas