Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


How badly do you want me to try it? I hate dumping my roster like that. It’s soo tedious. If you want I’ll try it but I don’t think it will show then either. But even if it worked I think most players aren’t likely to operate like that, so it’s just narrowing down a bug that needs to be fixed.

How important is it? Dunno. More than not at all, but less than a lot.


Agree with Mike. It’s helpful in war defense coordination. Maybe not in top 5 teams as virtually all of them got him so one can safely assume so. But not the case with anything lower.

PG has their priorities and we have ours. They wont do something just based on what we say. But it never hurts to bring something up that could help. Showing Neptus in top dragons is both 1. What it should be 2. Helpful.

For ego I’m sure there are better places to find both in game and on forum. Showing a dragon is hardly a ego move when all kinds of other egos are present.


It absolutely effects displayed AP
A team mate

And me

Unboosted my garnet Neptus is almost 60m AP alone it takes two other seasonal Divines to make that same number


Ya fair enough. Don’t bother. I was just curious.


But it doesn’t matter really. Unless you are one of the top players on your team chances are no one is looking at your account. In those cases it is a pain.


What a coincidence, we’re the two highest levels in my team :roll_eyes:


Agreed. Outside of those few top players that might be getting looked at for their dragons and base, I suppose it might matter a little for recruiting or applying to a team, but it really isn’t a critical bug is it… still a ton of other things they can work on. IMO


Hey Everyone!

The subscription based elite account will not be change the way that accounts grandfathered in with rubies will be affected.

In terms of the Enfeeble ability on the Tower infrastructure building, this ability is an active debuff placed by governors or scholars.

  • The debuff levels with the infrastructure’s level. At level one, it will reduce towers’ levels by 20%. At level 2, reduction will be 25%. At level 3, reduction will be 30% and so on
  • This debuff lasts 2 minutes, with 1 minute 30 seconds between uses, so you can hypothetically have 2 people max at a time debuffed.

Hope this helps everyone!

Rubies for Elite Account removed for grandfathered accounts?

I’ve idea, how you can make “Optional Atlas” in Setting… Atlas can to Disable/Enable from Setting, because in Low-end or Midle-end Gadget always lagging when open Atlas menu


I know there is also talk about team troops vs individual troops and the team troops in the garrison being build to replicate a players base. How do you see enfeeble working into that structure? ( or am I misunderstanding the way in which enfeeble is to be applied?)
Also with the changes won’t this only increase the issue?


That is an absolutely INSANE amount, that means MAX towers at 60 with at level one are now like hitting 48s. You are going from Harbringer to Emerald at level 1…


I thought the Game Play Faction was supposed to prevent stupid shit like this

@PgDave please tell me this isn’t the actual percentages


Still no reply on this one yet?


You don’t debuff your own towers you rebuff your enemies. From what I understand


This was not well communicated at all…


Still would make the base undefendable and thus, not fun


I don’t disagree.


so u want peeps to max base so u can cut their power in half? way to go PG, u guys rock!



Since you took the time to answer some of the questions, can you also confirm that Neptus’ appearance in the player profiles will be looked at?

Also what will be the max debuff of a castle’s Enfeeble? 60%? 80%?

And with the limited time of the debuff of 2min, what happens if you start your attack on a debuffed base but the debuff goes away before you finish the base? Will the towers get back to their strength during your run?


That would be hilarious… brave 200 hits maxed base with garnet. Halfway through the base, reality kicks in :joy: