Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


I thought the same. We’ve made changes to the params for the Enfeeble ability, and they’ve been updated in the release notes now.


So to get this right you have increased the time the debuff lasts and decreased the percentages but over all the effect is the same? You still make bases easier to solo and make the debuff last for a whole atlas”war”.


That’s what i’m seeing. Basically making it more strategic of when to bring in the big bases and attackers? AKA once a “big” base is debuffed you can bring in an even bigger one and there isn’t a chance of the debuff happening.

I think this works well/poorly at the same time against teams with only 1 high player (sapphire league maybe?) and the rest all low-medium. It will completely annihilate them, but if they fight against each other it looks like it could be a better matchup.

And of course this is just against teams attacking your home bases right, if you are the aggressor you have all the risk here.


Will the changes to elite be in addition to the current elite? Or just to replace what’s currently there? Subscriptions require a card to be associated with an Apple account last I checked, and some people (like me) strictly use gift cards, for a variety of reasons. Does this mean I just won’t have elite anymore?


Looks like you can still purchase it regularly.
This is not a change but rather an added feature.


Bring in a big with a decent number of troops (enough to make the defender trigger then enfeeble). Lose on purpose. Refill troops and come back again. Would this work?


I am looking long term. I will have to respectfully disagree. I understand why they thought to implement it. I just don’t think it is going to work as intended and the mechanics that they are talking about bringing in will only unbalance the game.


I said it was going to be good in some instances and poor in others. It will be more of a situational good/bad but it’s always going to favor those defending their home territory which i’m all for


this whole enfeeble thing :man_shrugging:t2:


Oh… These are great!

But only if the attacking team has more “influence” than the defending team.

This should encourage certain persons to go play on the big kids part of the playground. :rofl:


True…I need more level 2/3 islands :tired_face:. This game is becoming who can collect more unnecessary land. Yay.


I happen to like level 3 land… But I don’t have the whole set either.


We have none, clearly we are doing things wrong. Lesson learned.


Sorry panda I believe that no one can own land and that land is for all beings, namaste will not permit us to own land 6091C274-05BF-41CC-ACEB-DC4C9F44FC44


This thread has taught me so much. My eyes have been opened.


I am glad you have seen the light.


We are all people of the earth.


@PGEggToken Can we expect an update in the App Store tonight?


Honestly, I would really like to get back into atlas so I can finish my xp runs


It should be live in the next 30 minutes. Thanks for your patience everyone!