Version 4.10 Pre-Release Notes


Honestly this is the best event to interrupt by a patch.
You wouldn‘t want to interrupt a core game event.
And we‘ve seen Atlas events like crafting being interrupted which solely depends on time.
This is much better and with Atlas we permanently have events running.


Let’s just hope the update works properly :sweat_smile:


Still waiting for update


Tested, it’s broke on mine too, Rizar’s Galvanic Overload does nothing almost.


Lol. Healing Mark seems to not being healing enough (Avyx) compared to yesterday.


iOS is out


Yeah I just came here to comment on that also, healing mark on Avyx isn’t working (seems to be working on Borgian?) and Galvanic Overload isn’t working.


@PGJared @arelyna as mentioned above, HM on avyx is broken and reports of galv not doing the right damage are also in.


Support have already got back to me asking for screenshots/videos, I’ve sent some in of Avyx also, so hopefully they’re on it.


I am curious, I had thought that you guys made it so that wars would no longer be declared during updates until everyone had updated. We have had a war declared that will be starting this afternoon, and some of my players cannot update, I cannot defend, and I cannot back my lower level guys. Please let me know if this was a one time deal, because the way i read it was that it was a fixed issue. Also sincenthe update has anyone noticed galvanic overload is not working at all? It’s like a regular hit…


I just wrote about the galvanic overload too lol
I browsed through replies to see if I could find someone with the same issue and of course saw yours AFTER I posted​:joy::see_no_evil:
Can’t do xp runs at ALL with him now, and with feeding event coming up? Terrible bug to have😔


Disabling wars is just during major version updates, such as 5.0, as minor versions are compatible now. Edit: People did mention something about this latest patch also disabling it, though.


This is intended bc now theory, everyone should be updated by war start time, actually event start time. So although it seems scary, everything should be alright in the end :slight_smile:


Ok whew!
Yeah I was about to panic😆
Thanks guys💜


Oh, the game also forces an update when the event starts :slight_smile:


Okay, so the ones that are having an issue now with finding the update will automatically be updated before war clock starts then.
I’ll.let them know​:metal::purple_heart:


You are lucky to have benefit from such feature on apple device. On android we need to pay with cash there is no way to purchase elite account with rubies.

Maybe it’s to make it fair or a way to get more cash from us …


its not an android vs ios thing. Its an age of account thing. Originally you could buy it with rubies. when they took that away the allowed everyone who already had that feature keep it.


:thinking: Was it available on android back then? (Edit: But yes, I know what you mean, haha)


I don’t think it was available for android then.