Version 4.16 Release Notes


@pgEcho wheres the patch?


Maybe they are fixing that AI base thing…jk they arent going to, because whoever thought that was a good idea was drunk at the helm.


@PGEggToken With new Atlas aliiances being limited to 5 teams/alliance, all Diamond league teams shoukd be required to ally only with non-beta and non-Diamond teams. This might restore some balance to,this aspect of the game


:rofl::rofl: That wouldn’t solve much. Because quite a few alliances are 40+ teams. They can easily circumvent that.


The update has started rolling out. Keep an eye out in the stores for the update!


i updated but my atlas is still not back ? hows that


The Atlas update is still being worked on by the engineering team. We should be live with Atlas in the next hour or so.




hahaha wow. This is the dumbest thing said on the thread. Congrats. I think most would rather just do it by themselves than deal with that :joy::rofl:


Can’t defend vs. people that haven’t updated to most recent, please fix I need to get my 400 supershots off so I can get my sweet rewards


It’s always been that way. Don’t update if you want to defend… Now you have to wait for everyone else to update to defend their attacks.


think about 45 hammers. nightmare


Hey @CheekyGrinch,

Starting from the moment a new version goes live, we always give players who have not updated/gotten the update in their store, 24 hours to update.


I said that wrong, I hadn’t updated to the latest one so I could’t defend, so I just now updated to the latest one.


That’s an easy one, don’t do it lol


I am not doing it! not worth wasting


Ah, same difference. They don’t let you defend when there is a version difference, always been a problem for wars.

EDIT: Good time to get those 100% attacks in, lol.


Thought that got changed so people didn’t have to depend on the updates to do wars :thinking: pretty sure I remember that being a thing


I personally think 5 is a small number for an alliance… i would suggest uping it to 8 or 10…


Don’t have that quest lol. Regardless of whether or not I get 400 supershots done before the quest ends, I’m never bothering to even try again