Version 4.16 Release Notes


can you guys elaborate on this, all my riders except tor(legendary gear) have level 2 ratings
so assuming season riders arent handicapped for having easy leveling this would mean you get about 100 points per level 1-50, so 5k points there. Then how much for gear? the maxed rare gear only seems to give 295 points total. Do you guys have a chart for the armor so we can see how 17,000 points is done


Why not let the governor of each castle or team leaders design the base?

Perhaps allow the team to source fire/ice shards, or all of this lumber, when not in fort events, to contribute to building our own castle bases. Especially with all of these black pearls we have available. Or get these useless towers out of storage. Let us trade them for building materials for our castle bases. Just a thought.

Give us more control of our castles defenses so that they are as crappy or as well built by our strategic approach vs PG making a generic build. We all know Gustav bases are crap.


Has anyone confirm whether chaos rune has been fixed?


Due to recent update, players with different version can’t defend / assist properly.
When will the forced update be implemented?


Force update is always no sooner than 24 hours after release.


Just, I’m afraid that the forced update will be after the battle phase is started.


Not fixed.

Just tested it, my base damage is 3 230 717
My chaos damage is 9 104 749

My equipped runes are +120% chaos damage, so 320% total

Unless I suppose you are going to tell me the damage is once again calculated off base damage, and not boosted damage, meaning this dragon gets shafted twice


of course that’s what its gonna be :man_shrugging:


so i wonder whose wife Airbean slept with that they hate him that much;

For reference Noctua’s spells use boosted damage/hp for calculations, so does a lot of other spells


How do TF and Havoc runes work?


They don’t, that’s the joke. :rofl: Sarcasm aside, havoc runes boost the spell damage.


Just wanted to leave a quick update here. We were unable to release Atlas today and will be holding off on releasing the latest version of Atlas till tomorrow. Once we have a better time estimate we will inform everyone on forums. Sorry and thank you for your patience everyone!


I really hope by better timeline you mean…realized AI bases with non leveled towers is a poor idea…


I was so looking forward to this but airbean is exactly the same as before update. This sucks.

@PGEggToken @pgjared


If the primarch has too many troops you shouldn’t be able to swap it to one with less of a cap unfortunately.

This is just ridiculous.

Castle shields still activate like they do know after losing so many troops.
The key is don’t leave bases undefended with no primarchs.

So what’s the use of having defensive troops if you still have to keep your personal troops on a prim at your castle to defend it? Wasn’t the initial idea to promote a more active attacking game?

Bases will be updated once PVP is unlocked to be designed after real bases that are well constructed.
We are also working on an update that allows the team to receive defense invites and be able to defend your team castle PVE bases as if they were a teammate.

Ok. Why, if my primarch (which represents my base) are at my castle defending it should I use my troops to get team glory to summon a base that represents an invader base?

It doesn’t make sense to swap good defending troops for something Undefendable.

Even less reason to attack now :woman_shrugging:t3:


Will the current event still be live? Bit tricky to score if atlas not available…


Stop being so technical😝


I think he really wants to score. :wink:

I have always found it easiest to defend when I could not be attacked.

Although. I’m quite sure any gold i had has been raided, since I could not spend it.


Aibrean is a perfect example of why PG sucks and why i stopped buying packs. They mislead the players as to its spell details and on top of that they give it crap runes. Then just to rub salt in the wound the only other rune you could use doesn’t even work. Way to go PG! Classic move! I am sure they will fix it right around the same time that dragon is no longer significant in any way shape or form.


My “bookmark / attack next” button seems to have gone AWOL permanently with the latest update.

Android if that matters.

Anyone still have one? Didn’t see anyone complaining so probably just my luck but it’s annoying to hit a quest of 80 bases over 220 and have to keep flying back and fourth each hit.

edit - It seems related to going into the event. If I don’t go into the event, the button is there. As soon as I do, the button is gone until I restart the game.