Version 4.16 Release Notes


This happens regularly for me on android. Not sure why.



not surprised at all



Is there any way you can give us a bit more information as to what gives combat XP?

AKA a seasonal rider level 50 gives 2500 combat XP (or 50xp per level)
How much XP per level for Atlas riders?
What is the formula for gear rarity?

I have a level 38 defense rider with 5 legendary pieces & 3 epics and it only has a combat rating of 7651. How freaking hard is it going to be to get up to combat level 3 even??

I also have an anomaly that my newly hired rider with 0 gear and level 1 has 2 stars…


that’s a hell of a long hour or so


Where do we find these rider missions?


That’s what I was going to ask us well!
Will be nice to have ability to finish this event


You can actually find the numbers on the gear in the forge and on each individual piece.
Rider Max 2500 points
Legendary max:
(weapon & shield)3800 points
(ring) 2760 points
(chest, legs, helm) 2070 points
(gloves and boots)1730 points

Epic max:
(weapon & shield) 2510 points
(ring) 1820 points
(chest, legs, helm) 1370 points
(gloves and boots)1140 points

Rare max:
(weapon & shield) 1330 points
(ring) 965 points
(chest, legs, helm) 725 points
(gloves and boots) 605 points

Common max:
(weapon & shield) 570 points
(ring) 415 points
(chest, legs, helm) 310 points
(gloves and boots) 206 points

In summary level 5 requires near max legendary gear



Yes that was recently pointed out to me by a teammate as well. So we are going to have to max the hell out of our gear to even get close to leveling up our riders. And then i’m going to need to take my perch rider off my base and send him out.

Balls, this might be way more effort/cost then the rewards are worth. I’m going to need to see the duration of these rider missions and their rewards to see if it’s even worth it.


you assume we are getting glory for the riders from these missions. PG has refused to confirm that.


I gave up on that after my ticket was not resolved.
Its always been hit and miss for me.
All depends on my luck. I don’t know about after update, but before update it was pathetic.
Edit: Had this issue both on android and iOS.


When did i say this? :man_shrugging:


“Tomorrow” is kinda subjective… especially since y’all are in California and that was posted just prior to midnight your time, from what I can see. So is this “tomorrow” 04/05 or 04/06 in PST?


@PGMichael any update on atlas eta?


@PGMichael how is it with upkeeps now we have no atlas till tomorrow and we had to pay one today ?


The goal is for today, so 04/05. That said, Michael will update with more details as they arrive.


So no atlas today? What’s going on with the leveling event in Atlas? It has been over 24hrs. I don’t want you guys to extend it because I could really use a troop building event but these things have to be better thought out!
I’m really disappointed about the AI base I really thought we would be able to use a teammates base. I thought the plan was well thought out and perfect the way it was but I’m just one person. :woman_shrugging:


They REALLY have not thought out Atlas AI base. So…essentially a level 6 fort will have level 30 towers, making it undefendable. In order to supplement this you HAVE to constantly have defensive primarchs there or your island dies almost instantly. Additionally, the concept was for you to be able to attack more freely with this setup is completely gone.

This is the TEAM QUEST of Atlas. Right now “personal troops” are infinitely more valuable, why? Because they can be put on a defensive primarch, defended and almost every single one of them will have better usage than the crap AI base.

How does this impact people? You are attacking and thus losing personal troops and essentially converting them to the less valuable team troops. Ahhh, there it is…the old PG net negative formula. You use a valuable resource in mass quantities to obtain a less valuable one. Seriously, who thinks of this crap?



Perhaps in addition to Creators Faction and Gameplay Faction we need a Reality Check Faction?

I volunteer.



And make people only be able to marshall one base. Right now they have zero use, so give them a use.


I agree. This gives balance and on the off chance you have more the 50 islands, THEN you have to use an AI base. Which, if you have 50+ islands, you can live with it.