Version 4.16 Release Notes


Perfect, thank you for the clarification! :grin::+1:


Most of my teammates have the new update. I’ve tried everything but still no update. How soon will the update be available for everyone? The last thing I want to do is delete the app and reinstall. I had to do it in the past and it cause more problems with connection issues then ever. I know I have excellent internet connections, so it’s not on my end. I also have plenty of memory space so that too can’t be a problem.


This will also limit the amount of castles teams can own


Reinstallation should not be a problem. Make sure to have pocket id under account setting before deleting app.


That’s the last thing I want to do. I know it’s an option, and it did not turn out well for me when I had to do it in the past. Lots of connection issues when I had to do it back then. Don’t want to deal with it again. Took me 5 delete and reinstalls to stop the in-game attack connection issues. Thank you for helping.


In this instance it’s not PG, it’s the app store you get the update from. It’s dependent on when the app store releases the update in your country. Nothing to do with PG, they send the update Apple or google and Apple/Google pushes it out at different times to different countries. Hence, why we have a 24 hour update grace period before the new version is required to play.


Thanks I just got the update. My nephew got his update yesterday in the app store. So I thought it was weird he got it and I didnt.


1 way of getting the new version is to reinstall if you know someone that already has it.


Collected gold burning a hole in your pocket, Gox?


More like the opportunity cost :confused:


Atlas is now Live! We are very sorry this update took so long. We really wanted to make sure that we addressed all critical issues during the migration of data before we turned Atlas back on.


So all bonuses have been lowered again. After they were lowered last time as well. Even less shards and other consumables.


Exactly. Gold, XP, shards - all lowered significantly.


Seems that was left out and if they are being measured differently again then we just busted our butts to get what we wanted. We have level 9 refineries and only getting 2k in that area for poacher.


Fixed an issue with the “Built” counter on Towers and Perches that denotes how many of that particular building have been constructed.

What happens to every extra tower exceeding the tower limit? I still have 7 red mages from when I tried to overcome the cosmetics glitch. Won’t this make an absolute max level when there wasn’t originally one? And if we keep the extra towers, won’t this give some players a higher max level than others? And what about players that have already exceeded the new max level, are you going to remove their towers and lower their level?


Bugs to fix:

  1. must enable primarch to barracks troop transfers
  2. should be able to attack poacher when enemy is at castle in same zone.


What do you mean have to be a level 400?! I’m a level 353 and I paid a good sum to open the third slot and using it. Are you saying when one of my 3 prims is destroyed (probably my Sieger) that I’ll be stuck with only 2 slots?


Just want to say, my fort is level 3, and we got a 320 AI base


You probably paid rubies to unlock the third slot, right?

I may be off by a level, but I am pretty sure you need a level 100 storage to hold enough gold to pay for the third slot.

You will not lose any slots if a prime dies.


I assume it is something PG failed to even consider but you can still get egg missions for the Dragon that is gone on a rider mission. Just fucking stupid.