Version 4.16 Release Notes


I confused, the team glory points you are giving us to start with will be next week?


well i certainly think most of the features have been butchered and new ones are stupid. made the game significantly worse in my eyes.

the new troop mechanics are ridiculous.
an ai base to defend castles lol
rider and dragons locked out for 12hours for crappy rewards… 3 scrolls really? and as mentioned above, what about the egg missions that will undoubtedly pop up for the specific dragons you sent of out for hours…

did i read correct poachers are also on lockdown by enemy prims in the zone?? wtf is that about, just more hassle, and now you lowered the payouts lol pg stingy af…

seriously what are you guys trying to achieve. more restrictions lower rewards and more bs.

poor form, not surprised though.


@PGEggToken @PGMichael and any other PGer who can answer :joy:

What happens with your troops when you change teams? Historically you’ve had to manually pull all your troops from a garrison and transfer them to the neutral zone before moving them to your new team.

Would I be correct in understanding that as they’re now in a personal “inventory” you wouldn’t need to move them?


A number of my players are having trouble with game stability since this update, we are losing participation.

Please address this.


With movement speeds increased I’m glad I have all these haste for my primes


since you guys throw atlas back live my game has lagg spikes if i fly, and it takes longer for castles and mines to load ?!


wish I had time to read this before the release, I would have objected to this idea big time, this change makes no sense and it is absurd. some teams share land but not in an alliance, some teams don’t have alliance but are friendly with their neighbours, and not all their lands have the same neighbours, so passages are different for each castle. This change is totally lack of common sense.


@Odie I’ve confirmed that there will be a fix in a future update for the issue with Breeding Token missions showing up for dragons on a rider mission.

@Sunstorm Troops in your Barracks stay with you even if you change teams. The Barracks is just a place you can view your reserved Troops, they aren’t “physically stationed” at the Barracks like how the garrison behaved. Just to reiterate, moving Troops between Primarchs is a functionality that will be restored as well.

@Kelsey6606 We’ve found a fix for Android users with these performance issues and it will come with next week’s update. Still investigating what’s causing it for iOS users on iPads though.

4.16 Atlas Bugs and Issues

Super awsome update, no sarcasm.

Avoids capitalism, and gameplay is more realistic.

Especially , the primarch defending castles thing. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::yum:.

Love the glory balance.

Love the travel time.

Love the minimized alliance thing. ( but doesnt change fact that alliances will or can havd another alliance. Example “alliance 1 composed of 5 teams can still make arrangements and be allied to another set of 5 team alliance. “ if their idea of splitting big teams forming alliance wirh another big team, this isnt the fix. “ if you want to make it balanced then make alliances have only 1 d1 team, 2 d2 teams and so on going lower to the league.

Sending my dragons to questing, is bull. Lmao. But okay i know u guys will do domething about it.

This is it for now.



Yes I did use rubies. Had me worried there for a bit.:sweat_smile:


That’s the 4th of May in almost every Country except the US :joy:


This seems off topic, can you create a new thread for your bug?


My apologies if my question was answered already but I couldn’t find it.

Will there be a troop building event in Atlas before this?


The direct mine attacks are nice feature except on events that teams can block you and you have nothing to do about it.
@PGEggToken did you intend this to happen or it’s something you missed?
I see many areas with that trouble…


Will do. Thanks for the help. :rose:


Regarding the teams’ total troop count being equaled in team glory on Tuesday I do need some clarification:
The troops YET to be revived, so they count into the total troop count so will be transformed into team glory on Tuesday or do they not count as they are not alive yet?


I found this @ObstlerxDA which indicates that troops waiting to be revived will not be accounted.


Troop building is the incoming event starting next


Perfect. Thanks.


I’m just asking…

How are we going to move between castles we own in different parts of the map without being able to create new portals and being unable move freely (with flying primarch) between team castles.

Team Portals Removed...Why?