Version 4.16 Release Notes


Sure but I’m in the USA and there’s also context clues. Cut me some slack here.


Surely you could see I was joking with you :wink:


Sorry, I’m still sick and just got woken up for an emergency. I apologize for overreacting.


I’m so very sorry to hear that. I hope everything is okay.


Not to mention that’s entirely wrong lol, April 5th is not the 4th in almost any other place… especially because you’re in California, most countries are AHEAD of you in time… not behind


@PGEggToken can we also look into why when in cloak mode you still get hit by a fire :fire: turret. It’s happened to me and my husband. Every other defense shuts off when cloaked but the fire turret. Also it only fires once when cloaked. Thank you :blue_heart:Mak


That’s the cloak bug. It’s pretty much inoperable. Either cloak before the towers start to load, or cloak while they’re loading/after they shoot.


The death animation gets you too. Even with time shift. Sucks ass.


I understand it’s a glitch:) would just like to see it addressed in the next update!


Yes, please fix! Would be really helpful!


By inoperable, I really mean inoperable. Believe you me, I would like this bug fixed more than anyone, but basically, it was coded in the messiest, most inefficient coding possible, it made it pretty much impossible to fix without an unreasonable amount of mankind hours.


Then they need to put the man hours in that are paid hours by the gaming community. We all picked and chose event dragons wisely because of spells and the combo of spells put together. When you buy something you expect for it to work. For the maker, developer and or manufacturer to make it right. We all expect that in our everyday life or you return it and get a refund.



And I thought that my timings are off…


Dragons getting egg missions even though they struck on a rider mission in Atlas.
This needs to be solved or else we need to wait for nearly 12 hours for the egg missions or abandon it…


Your can time it so you avoid the projectiles. But it sucks ass if there are a few towers as they all fire at different times.


Im too lazy reading above, but does anybody already raises about gettting rid of “Haste” in the “Bazaar”?


I know right!! If you can’t move at all there’s no use for hassle :joy::joy:


In case you want to get around the world in less than 10 minutes…use Haste.


Players: “Can we please use our RSS boosts while the Storage is upgrading? We can use the Forge and Breeding Castle while they are upgrading, why not the Storage too?”




With the current speed of the Prims, i think “Haste” is already moot. And having “Haste” in the Bazaar is already dilluting the cards :man_shrugging:. I guess, it is much better not to have them in the Bazaar.

Haste still in Bazaar?